African Migrants Fight Mexican Police, Demand Safe Passage to U.S.

We were told those trying to illegally enter the United States from our southern border should be welcomed, regardless of the multiple laws broken to get and stay here.

Mr. Obama called on Americans to feel compassion for the millions of undocumented people living in the shadows, saying that deporting millions is “not who we are” and paraphrasing Scripture that says “we shall not press a stranger for we know the heart of a stranger — we were strangers once, too.”
New York Times, 11/21/14

Most strangers enter your home upon being invited and treat your home with the appropriate respect. Most strangers don’t demand entry and once in, expect you to support them, and in some cases, violate you and your property. At that point, they’re not referred to as strangers but criminals.

Thanks to messaging sent by former president Obama and the Democrat Party, illegal aliens are demanding to be allowed to enter our country, on their terms….

Military police officers clash with migrants from Africa, Haiti and other countries during a protest in front of an immigration center in Tapachula, Mexico, demanding free transit through the country to reach the United States.
Voice of America News, 8/27/19

They’re complaining about the conditions in a house they weren’t invited to enter.

There is growing unrest and desperation at a detention center in Tapachula, Mexico, where migrants from countries outside of the Americas are denouncing what they say are poor living conditions.
CNN, 6/16/19

If this is what those who cavalierly violate the sovereign borders to our southern neighbors will do while in transit, just what can we expect of them should they be allowed to cross into the United States?

We already know what they’ll expect of us.

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