The Latest Return Of Rick Lester Wright Senninger… Singer?

He has duped me out of a few hundred and I know of more currently in Las Vegas he owes, one of them SUBSTANTIAL.

I was unfortunately just alerted to the fact that our favorite scam-artist is back at it again, this time under the name Rick Singer and sticking it to individuals and businesses in Las Vegas (he seems to prefer warm climates).

Here’s some background on the man who changed many lives for the worse and for some reason is still walking free, doing it again….

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Please feel free to share this post with your friends, visit Rick’s Facebook page, send him a Tweet, and if he owes you money please call the cops. If you see Rick, tell him I said “hi”.

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  1. redpill

    I’ve known Rick Senninger for nearly 5 decades.  Although Rick may have his faults, he is far from being the Al Capone- type the author of this website is attempting to portray him.  Much of the alleged charges this author states are untrue or embellishments as Senninger was found innocent I believe of every charge except for 1 and he paid for that family matter with time served.

    The author of this website may have lost a few thousand dollars from a transaction gone south and there is no justification for that.  Nevertheless, I have no doubt the author of this website has been screwed over far worse by his bank, his credit card companies, his utility companies, and maybe even his own family and friends.  But he’s done nothing about that.  He decided he’s going to change the world by condemning Senninger before the entire world.

    Perhaps to cover up the embarrassment of not properly protecting himself in his own business transactions, this author apparently has set aside everything else in his life to try to right a potential few thousand dollar wrong and destroy Rick Senninger.  It’s also my understanding this author has his own baggage that he’d prefer not to have exposed.

    Anyway, the quest this author is on to destroy Rick Senninger at perhaps all costs and the potential damage he is causing Senninger venture on potential defamation, slander, and libel.

    I’m not here to defend Senninger, I’m here to try to put things into a more realistic perspective.  I hope Senninger goes after this author in a court of law simply because this author has blown this way, way out of proportion and potentially ventured outside the law to do so.

    Bottom line is this seemingly rabid and immature (dare I say out of control) author has done everything in his power to unleash the hounds of hell onto Senninger while simultaneously attempt to destroy Senninger’s life.  Well, in so doing the courts apparently decided in Senninger’s favor finding him innocent of all wrongdoing but one charge that has nothing to do with this author.  I have to wonder if this author could withstand similar scrutiny.

    My only message to this author is, Congratulations, you’ve done the damage you set out to do.  Now grow up, lick your wounds, and move on, and go after the big fish who’s raping and pillaging from thousands or millions across the country.  But perhaps people who live in glass houses shouldn’t be so quick to throw stones.

    In my opinion of course.


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