Rick Senninger… Now ‘Sen-Mar Marketing’

We were just talking about Rick Senninger this morning (you know, how he’s ruined so many people’s lives) and guess what just came in

This piece of shit Rick Senninger lead me to believe that he could put a golf tournament together with George Foreman as the key role. Senninger was running a scam in Orlando called Sen-Mar Marketing. I took this con artist to Nassau, Bahamas for a few days to initiate a potential golf tournament. I personally paid his airfare, his hotel and his expenses under the conditions that he would pay me back. He did, he wrote me a bad check for over twenty five hundred dollars. I sued this piece of shit, got a judgment on him with 18% interest and I still cannot find him. It is a matter of public record, placed in Orange County (Orlando) Florida. Anybody that has his location and or willing to assist me in collecting or TAKING anything this con artist, piece of shit son of a bitch has, contact me.
Sooner or later I will find him.
You can run Rick, but you CANNOT hide.

Not that I recommend that, but I can’t believe the police continue to let this man get away with scamming people out of hundreds of dollars daily.

(Note to the Justice Department: this slimeball is white and has screwed over black people as well…)

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