Chris Paul Fined $25k for Sexist Remark of Truth

If you look at the “technical foul” in question, putting the ball in play quickly is something we’ve all seen hundreds of time. Was the game too fast for rookie referee Lauren Holtkamp? The case could be made….

There was a report that prior to the start of the Los Angeles Clippers-Cleveland Cavaliers game, Holtkamp’s name was announced with fanfare unheard of for a rookie ref, so this was about political correctness from the start.

While Chris Paul’s comments were something you don’t say today in a hypersensitive media climate, we all know that telling the truth can get you in more trouble than pointing out an uncomfortable truth. Especially when that same Chris Paul led the team revolt against former owner Donald Sterling, words can come back to haunt and he should know that better than anyone.

UPDATE: Chris Paul fined for calling out ref
Chris Paul: It was about a bad call

Chris Paul has been fined $25,000 for his public criticism of Lauren Holtkamp, the first-year referee who called a technical foul against the Los Angeles Clippers star point guard earlier this week.

So, if anyone criticizes Holtkamp, they’ll be fined and she knows it. It’s not fair, but political correctness was never meant to be.

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