Katie Couric and Brian Williams: Replacing a Liar with a Liar

Ya gotta love liberals. Kicking someone when they’re down in order to get their over-inflated paycheck is a tried-and-true tradition and the Brian Williams-backstabbing has begun.

“Katie still has deep, deep contacts at NBC,” said an insider close to Couric, who left her job at the Peacock Network in 2006. “She would love to return as the ‘Nightly News’ anchor. No one smells blood like Katie. She is like a shark. Brian is in deep trouble and this could be her chance. You don’t get to be as successful as Katie without being ruthless. Behind her is a line of bodies she needed to step on to get to the top.”

Another source close to Couric dismissed the idea that she’s interested in the plum prime-time gig. “She’s been there and done that. Complete fabrication, one hundred percent.”

So, who can you you trust when Katie Couric’s credibility is also damaged?

Katie Couric did a one-minute commentary last week on the joys of getting her first library card, but the thoughts were less than original. The piece was substantially lifted from a Wall Street Journal column. CBS News apologized for the plagiarized passages yesterday and said the commentary had been written by a network producer who has since been fired.
Washington Post, 4/11/07

Plagiarism is one thing, however if Katie Couric was this honest “journalist” we’re still led to believe, why would she not have objected to the script instead of reading it as if it were hers?

Remember this should we be told Katie Couric is a credible replacement for Brian Williams.

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