Media-Declared ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Should Be Considered ‘Spoiler Alerts’

How’s that working for ya?

It’s almost at the point when the media demands we must accept what they tell us as truth, the polar opposite should rightfully be prioritized. Not just because those proclamations erroneously influenced popular opinion (including federal elections), but because those who are overpaid to distribute “news” can’t justify their pay if they have to admit to their employers and millions of people they were very wrong.

So they won’t.

Here are some blatant examples of important stories they got wrong and have yet to formally apologize to the public and the aggrieved….

PolitiFact: 2017 Lie of the Year: Russian election interference is a ‘made-up story’
USA Today: Hillary Clinton says Trump associates helped Russia meddle in the 2016 election
NY Times: Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence
Washington Post: Hillary Clinton just accused Trump associates of collusion with Russia
Politico: Schiff: There is now ‘more than circumstantial evidence’ of Trump-Russia collusion
MSNBC: Team Trump sees imaginary ‘evidence’ of Clinton, Russia collusion

And some even received formerly-prestigious awards for what they got very wrong.

Reuters: Washington Post, NY Times win Pulitzers for work on Trump, Putin

Almost every news outlet provided near 24-7 coverage of “Trump collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election” for close to five years.

CNN: Hillary Clinton personally approved plan to share Trump-Russia allegation with the press in 2016, campaign manager says
Bloomberg: Hillary Clinton Approved Trump-Russia Leak to Media, Her Campaign Manager Says

Confirmation to all those “conspiracy theorists” who insisted the whole Steele dossier was a Clinton campaign-DNC hit job was essentially a one day story and no apologies should be expected.

Media-imposed censorship took a precedent-setting turn during the 2020 election.

Variety: Twitter Still Blocking a NY Post Story Based on Alleged Hunter Biden Emails, Newspaper’s Account Remains Frozen
Politico: Insisting that the Hunter Biden laptop is fake is a trap. So is insisting that it’s real.
Rolling Stone: Twitter, Facebook Allow Pizzagate-Esque Conspiracy Theories to Spread About Hunter Biden
Fortune: Facebook moves to limit spread of dubious Biden laptop story
PolitiFact: Fact-checking unproven claims about Hunter Biden and child pornography

The media’s declarations have been so blatant that they’ve begun to, literally, pay the price for the harm caused.

CNN: The Washington Post settles lawsuit with Nick Sandmann after viral March for Life controversy
Law & Crime: Covington Catholic’s Nick Sandmann Settles $275 Million NBC Lawsuit for ‘Confidential’ Amount
Reuters: CNN settles defamation lawsuit with Kentucky teen in Lincoln Memorial case

There are numerous stories that the media insisted we blow off as “conspiracy theories” that have turned out to be true, and controversies arise that make no sense until common sense is deployed.

Add it all up and you’ll understand why CNN+ crashed and burned so quickly. Fewer accept what the media tells us as worthy of their time, let alone having their intelligence constantly insulted.

Cision’s annual State of the Media report, which looks at the key challenges journalists face today, is drawn from responses from over 3,800 journalists across 17 global markets. The number one challenge journalists cited? Maintaining credibility.

According to the report, 32% of those surveyed said that they struggle to combat accusations of fake news and remain a trusted news source; and 57% feel that the public has lost trust in the media over the past year.
PR Week, 5/24/22

So when the media insists you believe there was no “widespread vote fraud” during the 2020 election, don’t expect any mea culpas as this script flips.

2020 Baseless Conspiracy Theory Targets Another Election Technology Company


CBS news: U.S. finds no evidence flaws in Dominion voting machines were ever exploited
Uncover DC: CISA Advisory Report Admits Voting Machine Vulnerabilities: Denies Exploitation

The media will blatantly lie to your face because for some reason, once someone is granted employment in the entertainment industry, he or she is now about 60 I.Q. points higher than the American population average. These people have unbridled disdain for their viewers and if you have any doubts, look at the dumbed-down nature of their broadcast programming. If they consider you a moron in their primetime divisions, the newsrooms really think you’re stupid, thus their insistence you take their word for it.

“If Biden got in, you’d be paying $7, $8, $9,” Trump said the day before Election Day at a rally in Grand Rapids, Mich. “Then they’d say, ‘Get rid of your car.’”
Washington Post, 11/12/20

So, make it easy. Whatever the media declares fact you must accept and believe, think the opposite and you’ll sleep easier.

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