Should Republicans Really Consider Donald Trump?

Every presidential cycle, we have a challenger whose acumen is always questioned (and for obvious reasons), but not all in the pundit class are quick to dismiss….

Donald Trump doesn’t need the job, doesn’t need to be adored, has money, loves this country, won’t pitifully suck up to a hostile media, has negotiated successfully in almost every country we now have diplomatic issues with, is presently building a place on Pennsylvania Avenue, and won’t make bad deals just to avoid having no deal.

IF Mr. Trump decides to enter the race, Republicans should resist the knee-jerk impulse to dismiss him as a kook (look at the growing list of “respectable” losers they’ve selected for us in the past), considering some of our obvious unelectable time-wasters who will jump in and embarrass themselves, and us. Trump is unapologetic, will go after his opponent in a merciless manner that would have been nice to have seen in 2012.


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