Why Do Blacks HAVE to Be Democrat?

While the Baltimore riot temporarily prompted a very brief “discussion” on why the black community remains in the financial and social state it’s in, the inconvenient truth has yet to be touched on because, for the sake of preserving a political party, it can’t be allowed.

With that, why do blacks HAVE to be Democrat?

Of course we know that almost all information regarding the political history and present is controlled by liberals in education, the media, and entertainment. That makes it very easy for the left to disseminate any narrative necessary to keep a segment of a population in their control. Any information coming from a teacher (as they’re assumed to be an accredited source of truthful knowledge), news and/or entertainment personality is automatically deemed accurate thus they have the ability to shape opinion that sticks.

But what if that information is a lie? What if those disseminating that opinion is doing intentionally or out of ignorance, and those who receive that information are just regarded as lowly pawns, easily sacrificed for a greater goal?

Going back to Baltimore (which is emblematic of most inner cities), one party has controlled almost every political entity within. Nothing has improved in these cities, in fact, almost every social and economic category has gotten worse, yet that party receives the super-majority of the vote every time with literally nothing to show for it, and it was publicly recognized years ago.

I’ve often used this very simple analogy.

If someone had to repeatedly return a car to a shop for a specific repair and that repair repeatedly wasn’t done, that person would quickly find another shop to take that car (unless they’re stupid). With that, there is no justifiable reason for any black person to vote for a Democrat until they repair the black community (improve educational and economic opportunity) as is done for any other.

So, why do blacks continue to give that knee-jerk vote for Democrats? Because the left knows how to trigger negative emotion from certain constituencies for their political benefit.

If it’s a woman, Democrats latch onto a timely issue to exploit such as domestic violence, “campus rape culture”, wage inequality, etc. If it’s a black person, they scream “racism” and draw that predictable, visceral, negative response that they hope will shut down rational thought in favor of emotion.

Democrats knowingly count on the ignorance of black people; ignorance they perpetuate and exploit. We hope you can imagine the disgust experienced as The Democrat Race Lie was researched and compiled. As discovered and verified with each new tidbit, it was realized that almost everything we’ve grown up believing about the history of the United States was indeed a lie. A lie that’s repeated to this day by elected Democrats, their media, black so-called civil rights “leaders”, liberal controlled education system and simply because they can.

The recent Confederate Flag controversy, because of it’s convenient presence in the tragic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church shootings in Charleston, South Carolina, has opened a brief exposure into the truth that is the history of “The White Man’s Party”; a history being willfully ignored by black media pundits who’ve sold out their consumers as to maintain their opulent lifestyle.

Until black people wake up, understand they’ve been used and abused for decades and take their car to another shop, things will NEVER improve in the black community and that’s just what Democrats count on. I’m not saying the Republican Party is the greatest of alternatives, but when enough people stop going to a bad repair shop, it has one of two courses of action: improve service and credibility or go out of business.

The bottom line is the Democrat Party was formed to enable the use of people. At that time it was solely for their personal wealth. If you look at the party today, those in power earn a very good living while the intentionally growing number at the bottom live on the scraps left over to keep them alive and constantly dependent.

If families will ostracize a black person who wishes to exercise their Constitutional 1st Amendment “freedom of assembly” and association right, it again comes down to what Democrats depend on: instilling fear in any black who wishes to leave the plantation. Another thing to think about: the Democrat Party believes they own the black vote.

They instilled and enforced that fear centuries ago (Ku Klux Klan) and they proudly continue their proud tradition to this day. When the truth is finally understood by black people, the revolt against the Democrat Party will be severe because that strategy has cost millions of American blacks a positive standard of life, mass targeted abortions, thus many lives as well just so a few can enjoy the perks of power.

As we’ve all recently witnessed, Democrats will help advance gays, lesbians, transgenders, illegal Mexicans, Muslims, and almost every approved aggrieved group, EXCEPT black people. And why is that?

Because Democrats know they don’t have to.

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