#AntiTrump Protesters: Hillary Said Respect the Election Result

Okay, we all know holding Hillary Clinton to her word is tenuous at best.

It would appear her supporters took her words with a grain of salt as well….

Neither Hillary Clinton or President Obama will stop their children from taking to the streets in a collective, disruptive hissy fit, or assure them safe spaces aren’t really necessary. Of course, adults see this for what it is: a millennial social event run amok where people and property are disregarded simply because the spoiled children (and those ready to relive the 60’s) who may or may not have even bothered to vote, didn’t get THEIR way.

When you have useful idiots in your pocket, you can play them as long as you want.

As politics is ironically cyclical, it will be fun to hear their mental contortions in a few years when their candidate receives more Electoral College votes while losing the popular vote. The Founding Fathers will again be brilliant, albeit old white men, Bernie Sanders notwithstanding.

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