#BlackLivesMatter is Why 2016 America is Sick of Black People

There are very genuine issues that need to be addressed when it comes to the topic of racism, but nothing good has come of the so-called #BlackLivesMatter movement, especially when loud-mouth female instigators believe they can get in your face with impunity.

Innocent civilians are inconvenienced by those who could give a shit because THEIR cause is of primary importance and the result is an America that’s become understandably tired of anything black, not to mention those white millennials who seek inclusion to any social cause that makes them feel good about themselves.

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The election of a half-black, community organizer president was supposed to signal the end of racism in America but many like him also took the opportunity to get up in all of our faces in that all-too-important quest to prove their blackness, and have amped up reverse bigotry they claim is justified and demand not to be resisted.

The traditional Democrat meme of black people not knowing right from wrong is spotlighted when primarily young men are killed by the police (either in the commission of criminal acts or in a violent aftermath) and are elevated to sainthood, many times aided by a media and others who’re all too anxious to repeat false narratives like “Hands up, don’t shoot” that led up to deadly interactions.

Those same factions have given misguided justification to many who’re now ambushing the very law enforcement most law-abiding black folk gratefully depend on to protect them from bad guys that make going down to the corner store for milk a possible life-or-death decision. And now with the election of Donald Trump, those aggrieved are now demanding segregated “safe spaces” on the very campuses and streets they terrorized.

First Unitarian Church’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign vandalized

It’s unknown how this #BlackLivesMatter thing will end but as most black people DO know right from wrong, the lawbreaking activists will have to own the pushback they have coming, and the law-abiding will sit back and smile at the big mouths crying and whining in jail cells where they belong.

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