ANSWER Disrupts Trump Inauguration on Navy Memorial

The #altLeft nonprofit ANSWER Coalition was allowed to defile the United States Navy Memorial to hold a rather vile “#InaugurateTheResistance” protest on Pennsylvania Avenue to protest the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump.

Several times during the proceedings, the public address system appeared to be tampered with so the loud protest could continue uninterrupted at the expense of the thousands who came to witness the presidential motorcade.

Seriously, think about the energy required to pour cold water on a ceremony just because they could, especially if you were to ask why the Trump Transition team would not know that the politicized fat and happy entrench Democrat left in the federal government, like the National Park Service who issues permits, would grant permission of an America-loathing group like the ANSWER Coalition to set up their parade-route protest on the Navy Memorial, across from the thousands who came from across the nation to celebrate the inauguration of Donald J. Trump.

Immediately after the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund threatened the National Park Service with legal action, the NPS started releasing permits. The ANSWER Coalition was the first group to get one.
NY1, 1/6/17

When was the last time a federal agency sought to avoid a lawsuit?

Aside from cut-down video clips lasting seven seconds or less showing the violent “protests” occurring in and around DC leading up to the inauguration, the professional media has done everything possible to omit the perception that the leftist resistance to President Donald Trump was a decent form of non-violent First Amendment expression. The reality was an event that was intentionally spoiled by naive, if not incompetent Transition Team planning that prepared-for and accommodated disruptors more than the loyal supporters of Donald Trump who were unnecessarily inconvenienced by liberal saboteurs and their media enablers.

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