IF… Candace Owens Was Truthful to Congress, She Lied to Conservatives

If some black people have an issue with white liberals anointing Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as approved spokesmen for the “community”, we should also have an issue with white conservatives anointing people like Candace Owens to speak for blacks, specifically black conservatives.

Especially when, AGAIN, conservatives fail to properly vet those they foist in front of us as champions of the cause.

On the January 8th episode of Fox Nation’s “Reality Check”, Candace Owens claims to have registered as a Republican before the 2018 midterm election. However, later during the April 9th House Judiciary Hearing on “Hate Crimes and the Rise of White Nationalism”, Owens said something entirely different… under oath.

Either Candace Owens lied to all conservatives on Fox News and told the truth under oath to Congress, OR she told the truth to David Webb and lied to Congress. Obviously the former as the possible ramifications are much more severe deliberately misleading a House committee.

Further propping herself up to blind, worshiping supporters on the right was an easier call.

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