Beach Restored Without Climate Change, Activist Nonprofit Assistance

Those who kneel at the climate change alter declare the Earth is incapable of restoring itself without the intervention (interference) of those who know better. Those who believe the Earth is doing what the Earth wants to do have been demeaned because the planet can’t possibly “heal” itself without the advocacy of the numerous, career mill, nonprofits.

It would appear, God has ways of doing what the left deems unthinkable and impossible.

Villagers are delighted after an entire beach that was washed away 33 years ago has reappeared – virtually overnight thanks to a freak tide. The stunning beach near the Irish village of Dooagh on Achill Island vanished in Spring storms of 1984 after waves washed away all the sand.

But miraculously thanks to a freak tide, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of sand were dumped on the beach over ten days in April, re-creating a stunning 300m long beach.
Daily Mail, 5/7/17

Barack Obama pledged to stop the oceans from rising and Al Gore lamented his beachfront properties would be underwater long after he becomes room temperature while the climate change movement has received millions in donations to create awareness of what they really can’t do anything about.

All they needed to do is be patient, but how much would that be worth?

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