Pro-Bernie Class Action Against DNC; Media Diverts Attention with ‘Russia’

Ever wonder why the media is doing their non-stop Russia, Russia, Russia, recitation tirade? Could it be because they’d prefer we all look one way while something much more damaging is occurring they don’t want getting any air time?

A class action lawsuit alleging the Democratic National Committee worked in conjunction with Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign to keep Bernie Sanders out of the White House has been raging on in the courtrooms for months on end–and yet, most people have no idea of its existence, in large part thanks to the mainstream media’s total lack of coverage.

Jared Beck, a Harvard Law graduate and one of the several attorneys who filed the suit against the DNC and its former chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz, wants retribution for donations made by supporters to the Vermont senator’s campaign, citing six legal claims of the DNC’s deceptive conduct, negligent misrepresentation and fraud. The DNC violated Article 5, Section 4 of its own charter by working with a single campaign to effectively choose who would win the Democratic ballot, the attorneys stated in the suit.
Newsweek, 5/17/17

Many of us who’ve been following politics long before Bernie got into the race know that Hillary Clinton has always been a weak candidate who almost always needs the road to be plowed for her by those who’ll willingly assist.

In a letter sent Monday, Bernie Sanders supporters are demanding that attorneys from Perkins Coie LLP be removed from the case due to a conflict of interest. New emails discovered through the WikiLeaks dump show that attorneys from the law firm have given strategy advice to hurt Sanders, well before he dropped out. To add fuel to their claim, they’ve now discovered that attorneys from Perkins Coie are representing both the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s campaign.
LawNewz, 7/26/16

Donald Trump did not win the presidential election because of Russian meddling and/or collusion with his campaign. Donald Trump won because Republicans, who initially supported any of the other 16 candidates, for the most part voted for the party nominee on election day. Very, very few crossed over to vote for the Democrat.

The lawyer who filed a class-action lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee and its ex-chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz nearly a year ago tells RT that there has been a “mainstream media blackout” of the fraud case stemming from the 2016 primary.

Jared Beck, the attorney leading the lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee, went on RT’s “Redacted Tonight” to tell host Lee Camp that while the media covered “every moment” of the trials against OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman, the coverage of the DNC lawsuit has been a “total blackout.”
Russia Today, 5/19/17

BTW — Did CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, the New York Times and/or Washington Post report about the death of a participant in the lawsuit against the DNC…?

No, and the DNC has other legal issues receiving scant media attention.

On May 12, CBS reported another class action lawsuit was filed against the DNC for stiffing dozens of field organizers all over the country for overtime work during the 2016 election while the DNC gave out $1 million in bonuses, including more than $300,000 to Democratic National Convention Host Committee Executive Director Kevin Washo. The lawsuit was filed by Justin Swidler of Cherry Hill, N.J. on behalf of 40 to 50 field organizers against the DNC, Pennsylvania state Democrats, and five other state Democratic Parties.
Observer, 5/15/17

So, Bernie supporters shouldn’t feel singled out. The DNC seems to have a pattern of screwing many in favor of the few.

But one DNC lawyer’s argument actually tries to justify the party’s right to be biased on behalf of one primary candidate over another, according to an article from The Young Turks. In other words, they could have chosen their nominee over cigars in a backroom. That’s what the attorney reportedly said in a Florida federal court.
LawNewz, 4/29/17

Most Bernie supporters voted the party line. However, many Sanders supporters who felt screwed over by the DNC, either didn’t vote or voted for Trump. The mistrust within the ranks didn’t end after Hillary “won” the Democrat Party presidential nomination. It’s still festering to this day and it’s clear there’s much more substance to the DNC’s interference in the election process in favor of Clinton than anything the media can pin on the Russians against.

A class action lawsuit could prove millions of supporters of an embattled progressive campaign right, or further support President Donald Trump’s notion that the 2016 election was, in fact, rigged.

The whining media has succeeded, so far, in making it all-about-Russia and giving the easily-led something easy to recite. But when there is a resolution, we’ll not only see proof that Hillary’s campaign DID collude with the DNC and the media that continues to use their positions to steer the public in the direction THEY want.

If anyone “undermined our democracy”, it wasn’t Donald Trump or his campaign. It was the Democrat Party, their friendly media, and until all receive the attention and scorn deserved, it will happen again.

Doesn’t it always?

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