Scott Zolak to 98.5 Show Host: ‘I’m Sorry if My Comments Offended You’

Not “I’m sorry I made an offensive comment” but he’s sorry some people took it that way and it’s been “a rough weekend” for him.

Poor baby.

Patriots’ preseason announcer and former quarterback Scott Zolak broke his silence on 98.5 The Sports Hub Sunday afternoon at 5:16pm just before he had to go on the air for the team’s final preseason game against the New York Giants.

It’s a sickeningly overused comparison, but if Zolak was a conservative Republican and commented about an NFL player dancing to rap music “distraction” on the field, we can only imagine the severity of the fallout. Black Lives Matter would be clogging the streets and expressway, State Police would be protecting Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s home as he’s Zolak’s employer, news coverage would be national (if not international), black players around the league would’ve been pressed for comments, and Zolak would’ve probably been fired within hours.

For starters….

But as we’re talking uber-liberal Boston, it must be assumed Scott Zolak is a Democrat and Virginia governor Ralph Northam is a premiere example that racism is ignored when it comes from a Democrat.

In scouring the local Boston news sites since last Thursday, there was no mention of Zolak’s comments, it would be naive to think they didn’t know about it, so it must be concluded they were/are covering for one of their own.

It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last.


If you’re white, a male and in the media, there’s not much you can do to lose your ability to earn an income.

A black plagiarist gets fired while a white plagiarist gets promoted to national television. A white anchor fabricated stories, when caught was granted a time out and later given a late night, lower profile gig that still pays in the millions annually. A white sports announcer sexually assaulted, later got a new job and was allowed to retire with grace decades later. There are many other examples and we’re not even talking anymore about the white governor who wore blackface, “apologized” for it, rescinded the apology, and continues to keep his job to this day with no further pressure.

Yes, the double standard pattern remains intact.

98.5 The Sports Hub’s Scott Zolak was also allowed to dodge the bullet as he made statements that clearly contained racist “dog whistles”, received scant local and/or national media coverage, made a half-assed apology, and yet Cam Newton (the object of his racial comments) was ultimately the one who lost his job. Zolak did say he talked with Cam and it was all good. But what was Newton supposed to do in the midst of a quarterback competition: make a big deal about it and risk creating a distraction detrimental to himself and the team?

I’m not saying there was any direct connection between Zolak’s comments and Newton’s release from the New England Patriots but the irony of it all is striking.

The sanctimonious, liberal media loves to tear down “stories” in their cross hairs. Private citizens, politicians and celebrities are all fair game should they do something considered controversial or bad. But when members of the media fuck up, they’re the first to demand privacy, understanding, and are allowed to move on to the next well-paying job with a clean slate. If the aggrieved is a minority, he or she will be diminished and eventually shown the door.

Again, there is no connection with the Zolak absolution and the Newton dismissal.

The coincidental timing fits a pattern that won’t end any time soon.

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