Why is the SPLC This Credible, Cited Arbiter of Who is a Hater?

Back in 2009, Bob called out the Democrat Party as they claimed to be the force behind passage of all civil rights laws in our nation’s history. In 2010, their website corrected that claim but that also meant that for decades prior, Democrats falsely declared themselves the “party of civil rights” despite the fact they did everything they could to deny any rights for black people until the early 60’s.

We monitor hate groups and other extremists throughout the United States and expose their activities to the public, the media and law enforcement.
Southern Poverty Law Center

Today, we have liberal groups like the mostly lily-white Southern Poverty Law Center designating any group THEY choose as a “hate group” and once issued, the media, politicians, and others repeat that designation as if it has genuine validity.

Southern Poverty Law Center says 6 hate groups active in the Tri-State
Why Facebook tolerates what the Southern Poverty Law Center calls hate groups
SPLC concerned over Tampa Palms suspects’ ties to hate groups

That last piece from Tampa Palms is of note because the murder suspect killed two so-called “neo-Nazis”… because they disrespected Islam.

Exactly who is the arbiter of hate designations in the United States? Did the SPLC have to somehow qualify as to how to spot “hate” and assure their designations are 100% accurate and that partisanship is not used to politically smear one while looking the other way on a like-minded other?

Calling someone what you are is probably a formally-labeled psychological disorder. Calling someone a “hate group” is one thing but could it be a diversion from the fact the Southern Poverty Law Center is just a bleeding heart scam and has been known to have been such for many, many years?

The Progressive, 1988: Poverty Palace: How the SPLC Got Rich Fighting the Klan
The Montgomery Advertiser, 1994: Charity of Riches
Harper’s, 2000: Church of Dees
Daily Kos, 2010: Southern ‘Poverty’ Law Center’s Cayman Islands bank account

So, the next time you hear anyone or any group labeled as “hate”, ask yourselves why, who named them as such, and who could you contact if that label were issued to you?

It may be tough reaching anyone in the Caymans.

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