Broken Campaign Promises: McCain’s Latest Betrayal Is No Surprise

Senator John McCain is precisely the poster boy for everything that’s wrong on Capitol Hill. He campaigns one way to his constituents and “serves” the American people contrary to how he campaigned.

His recent no-vote to repeal ObamaCare is the best illustration as to how many Republicans made repeated promises they apparently had no intention of keeping.

McCain has routinely sought out any media outlet that allowed him to speak out against Republicans, conservative values, he’s voted against policies he campaigned on to return him to the United States Senate, term after term, and spends too much time siding with Democrats than his own compatriots.

According to a Senate Democrat, McCain heard from two longtime friends pleading with him to oppose McConnell: Joseph I. Lieberman and Joe Biden. The former senator from Connecticut was long one of McCain’s best friends, forming the heralded “Three Amigos” along with Lindsey Graham.

Biden, the former vice president who often clashed in a collegial way with McCain on foreign policy matters, had a more emotional discussion with McCain. The Arizonan’s brain cancer is the same diagnosis that Biden’s son, Beau, received in 2013; he died two years later.
Washington Post, 7/30/17

His latest vote against repealing ObamaCare should have come as no surprise. Making it as dramatic as he did should be what he’s remembered for: lying to get elected and serving HIS best interests; NOT the best interests of his state and the nation.

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