Anti-Trump San Juan Mayor Grandstanding for Disaster Relief

While government officials and civilian volunteers are doing all they can under horrendous conditions to help the people of Puerto Rico, at least one person (with the assistance of a complicit national media) is making it all about her at the expense of those she’s supposed to be serving.

A police officer on the ground managed to call New York City’s La Mega 97.9 FM to express her emotional frustration of the San Juan mayor’s grandstanding while seemingly blowing off her duties; a sentiment echoed by others.

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz (“Popular Democratic Party”) has made the media rounds from CNN, MSNBC, and even the Washington Post to publicly bash the relief efforts of FEMA. Her comments that other mayors are experiencing similar frustrations are not in sync with reality.

“I don’t know why she is saying that”, said Angel Perez, Guaynabo Mayor. “She is not participating in any meetings. We had a couple already with the governors and with representation of FEMA and of HUD, these whole federal agencies that have given us help. We are receiving assistance from FEMA. I got people over here helping us with applications for the people that have damage in their houses.”

Mayor Perez echoed the sentiments of Richard Rossello, the governor of Puerto Rico, who praised President Trump for his rapid response to Puerto Rico’s aid requests.
Daily Caller, 9/30/17

In other words, you don’t bite the hand that’s trying to feed you.

There are reportedly hundreds of containers full of much-needed supplies sitting idle at San Juan’s port and no truck drivers to distribute their contents where needed.

That’s hardly something that can be blamed on President Trump as the federal government can’t be held responsible for a local disaster plan in absentia.

A sight eerily similar to that flooded parking lot filled with school buses in New Orleans that sat idle instead of being used to evacuate the hundreds that had to sit out Hurricane Katrina.

One would hope that federal, state, and local entities would have plans prepared for that rare Act of God. It would also be reasonable to assume that amidst the chaos of a disaster aftermath, petty political differences would be sidelined and all hands would work together for the good of all affected. Sadly, as recently as Hurricane Katrina, some in power exercise poor judgment in planning-for and reacting-to tragedy.

That, again, appears to be too much to ask of Democrats and a media all too willing to score political points at the expense of the misery of thousands of whom they consistently look down upon as “ordinary people”. San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz has shown she lacks the humility to manage her city as arrogance is not a leadership quality desired when her people need her most; people who will have power soon enough and will see how she conducted herself while they were in the dark.

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