Hollywood Hypocrite: Kimmel Bashes Trump ‘Locker Room Talk’

One year ago today, late night host Jimmy Kimmel gleefully bashed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump after the release of the Access Hollywood tape and lewd, b-roll comments captured within. Quite the precarious position given Kimmel’s reel.

Jimmy Kimmel was co-host (1999-2003) of the Comedy Central program “The Man Show” which was essentially non-stop locker room talk… with props. His segments on what’s in his pants and a casting call seemed apropos.

By the way, this particular Season 4 episode (coming up on its 15 year anniversary) was titled, “Penis Names”.

The Internet is a brutal place when you attempt to divert from a long-established format (formerly known as late night comedy) to constant political, anti-Trump bashing. And now we hope Jimmy Kimmel’s attempt to exploit national tragedy as “America’s conscience” into an additional club to hit Republicans and the president will now go limp.

It’s almost a reason to watch his program tonight to see if he can muster tears of apology because of his being busted on his hypocrisy.

That might even be funny!

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