Tolerated Progressive Antisemitism: Stephanie Miller on SiriusXM ‘Progress’

Ask a drunk Mel Gibson what happens when one crosses the antisemitism line. However, it appears if you’re a pro-Palestinian college student or liberal so-called comedienne on Free Speech TV, disparaging Jews is tolerated, if not encouraged.

With that, we wish to share with you the following exchange from The Stephanie Miller Show on SiriusXM’s Progress channel (“Home of the Resistance”).

We’ll give Stephanie and her guests the benefit of the doubt of being sober at the time….

Stephanie’s been at this for awhile, her brand of “humor” hasn’t changed as there’s not much she can’t get away with. And a little political nepotism doesn’t hurt.

Then again, parents can’t always be held responsible for how their kids turn out.

With her background in stand-up comedy, political satire, and even late night TV, Stephanie Miller proudly uses humor and snappy political wit to draw-in listeners from all sides making the show the perfect antidote to cantankerous conservatives. Stephanie has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, as well as the Today Show, the Tonight Show, Good Morning America, among many others. Stephanie comes to the left, from the right. She’s the daughter of William Miller, Barry Goldwater’s 1964 Republican presidential running mate.
 SiriusXM Progress

For anyone too sheepish to call out Jews for anything out of fear of being called antisemitic and enduring the near-lifetime backlash, you have a home with the like-minded who let it all cut loose within the comfort of their own: The Stephanie Miller Show, Free Speech TV, and SiriusXM Progress!

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