Trump Effect: Media Will Whine About the Next POTUS Who Doesn’t Tweet

Candidate and now President Donald Trump chose to bypass the media and speak directly to the American people via social media, specifically Twitter. In doing so, he got his message out and avoided selective editing, being taken out of context and/or omission of what he said or how he said it.

It’s driven the left nuts ever since.

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Of course, we all know if the president’s Tweets were ineffective, the left and their media would be encouraging more of it. But alas, all they can do bitch and moan about President Trump’s “lowering the dignity of the office” because he tells us what he’s thinking, when he’s thinking it.

How non-transparent.

The Trump Effect

Fast forward to November of 2024 and we have a new president-elect.

A couple of days pass; two days become a week and the new president elect hasn’t sent out a personal Tweet because he or she has heard for the previous eight years that sending out unapproved and nuanced social media messages was a bad thing. How long do you think it will take the Democrat left and their media to demand that new president start Tweeting motivators to overseas tyrants or announce the possibility of initiatives or immediate thoughts in the aftermath of a tragedy?

All of a sudden, a president letting us all know what he or she was thinking, when he or she was thinking it, will not only be a good thing but a political imperative.

You wait….

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