Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens Promoted by Clueless Conservatives

The 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference was yet another exercise in media celebrities and the so-called up-and-coming who allowed the attendees to bask in their presence.

To make matters worse, the template of superficiality has permeated down to the next generation of so-called “conservative” leaders whose main goal is not to be a living, breathing example of our values but self-promoting provocateurs who go to hostile college campuses: not to share and defend those values but to be video-recorded being met with the expected mayhem for viral social media product and the possibility of the Holy Grail: a segment on Fox News for more self-adulation.

While being given prominent places on the 2018 stage, millennials like Tomi Lahren, Candice Owens, Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk have been knighted the new stars of the movement despite limited life experience and even worse, dubious support for the Republican Party and our president. They are arrogantly honest, albeit of questionable intelligence, and being able to prance from college into a prominent nonprofit gig hasn’t hurt them.

We have Austin Petersen, who ran for president under the Libertarian party, who is a total Never Trumper. We have Ben Shapiro, who is like the leading Never Trump voice, we have libertarian speakers such as Dave Rubin. We want big names, people that draw attention, and you know what? There’s going to be a lot of contradictory statements. We’re cool with that. There’s going to be Alex Epstein in a shirt that says ‘I love fossil fuels’ and we’re going to have speakers talking about how conservatives should better embrace the idea of climate change. It shows that we as Turning Point we embrace conservatives, libertarians, people in the middle.
Charlie Kirk, 12/23/17

How much of a rising star is Kirk really? Ask another wannabe as they compliment each other while they also believe, in their arrogance, they are telling us all something we’ve never heard before just because THEY are saying it.

Smartest conservative in the movement“…? Puh-leez.

And why did Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA bring on a willing attention whore like Candace Owens?

Insincere damage control.

Former employees say that they were directed to work with prominent conservatives, including the wife of the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, in aid of Republican Presidential candidates in 2016. Perhaps most troubling for an organization that holds up conservatives as the real victims of discrimination in America, Turning Point USA is also alleged to have fostered an atmosphere that is hostile to minorities. Screenshots provided to me by a source show that Crystal Clanton, who served until last summer as the group’s national field director, sent a text message to another Turning Point employee saying, “i hate black people. Like fuck them all . . . I hate blacks. End of story.
The New Yorker, 12/21/17

If that wasn’t bad enough….

Or the woman who effectively replaced Clanton, 22-year-old Shialee Grooman, who tweeted in 2013….

Turning Point USA Keeps Accidentally Hiring Racists, Huffington Post, 4/25/18

See a pattern?

Charlie Kirk urgently needed a damage-control black face, found a more-than-willing and ready one from the ghetto of Stamford, Connecticut.

Candace Owens, despite the smiles, doesn’t think much of real conservatives and has openly said as much. That is, until in futility she attempts to scrub the evidence of her social justice warrior past. (see Degree180 founder: Candace Owens)

Degree180 launched a full-scale investigation into the bat-shit-crazy antics of the Republican Tea Party and the results are not-so-shocking to say the least:

Yes, we can officially confirm that our beloved Republican Tea Party is being led by the Mad Hatter and us millennials have been thrust into their wonderland. The good news is, they will eventually die off (peacefully in their sleep, we hope), and then we can get right on with the OBVIOUS social change that needs to happen, IMMEDIATELY.

So what can expect to happen when that last tea-party coffin is sealed?

Frankly, me and my millennial peers did not exactly understand why it was such a big deal that Bill Clinton got a blow job in his office. I don’t care who my doctor, banker, grocery-bagger, or any other person that I may come across in my daily life is having sex with– AS LONG AS THEY DO THEIR FUCKING JOBS. All of that talk about “but his morals” gets you nothing but a mandatory STFU from me.
Candace Owens, 10/4/15

Kirk also has a history of unforced, clumsy remarks.

Kirk grew up in Wheeling, Illinois, and was an Eagle Scout; in a 2015 speech to the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley, he said that his “No. 1 dream in life” was to attend West Point, but the slot he considered his went to “a far less-qualified candidate of a different gender and a different persuasion” whose test scores he claimed he knew. (Kirk said he was being sarcastic when he made the comment.) Kirk acknowledged in an interview that it is something of an irony that he heads an organization devoted to waging political warfare on campuses when he never actually attended college himself. “I joke that I wasn’t smart enough to go to a four-year school,” Kirk told me, although he noted that he continued his studies at a community college.
The New Yorker, 12/21/17

As many of these “woke” millennials were either still in high school or early in the college years, there was a time when the Paulies were considered a virus trying to infect the Republican Party.

They were all about infiltration and the forced integration of their libertarian views: views they’ve now re-branded as “conservatarian” and we all know liberals constantly re-brand to fool their opponents.

These are the people who say when they are around libertarians they feel conservative, and when they are around conservatives they feel libertarian. From what I can see the fault lines are that they disagree with libertarians on immigration, foreign policy, and sometimes abortion. And they disagree with traditional conservatives on federalism, on gay marriage, and on drugs.
Charles Cooke, writer for National Review, author of The Conservatarian Manifesto: Libertarians, Conservatives, and the Fight for the Right’s Future

The sad thing is too many conservatives don’t dig into the background of cash vacuums who create nothing, are declared “brilliant” to the uniformed for saying things NEVER said before [sarc], while concealing their true self-serving political motivations.

What’s sad, again, is how quickly conservatives embrace race-victim infiltrators (see: Stacey Dash, Joy Villa) without the minimum of vetting.

So we have CPAC throwing at us well-funded #NeverTrumpers (thanks, Foster Friess) who have yet to own up and formally apologize for the inter-party interference they caused in 2016, and those narcissistic “edgy” millennials who spend more time on social media touting how they “destroyed” this person or “blew up” Twitter; not because they said anything really new but because they say they did.

Candace Owens & Kanye West Are Leading Black Revolution

A scary prospect, especially when clueless white conservatives anoint those “leading” anything black.

Here’s some examples of the original, groundbreaking revelations Kirk and Owens have shared with a world only THEY can change!

Kirk: Armed guards are good enough to protect our banks, celebrities, sporting events, concerts, airports and athletes but not our schools?
Kirk: Government Taxes Us Every Chance It Gets
Kirk: The Media Wants To See Trump Fail
Owens: Facts Upset Liberals
The Left Uses Racism To Control Black Americans
Kirk: Your gender or color of your skin should not dictate what ideas you have or political party you support
Owens: Liberals Are Tolerant Until You Disagree
Bad Teachers Need to be Fired
Kirk: Liberals would much rather see rich people become poor than poor people become rich
Leftists Hate Diversity
Kirk: The Left Hates The Idea That There Are Other Ideas

And in yet another astonishing bit of ironic narcissism on display, Shapiro issued the following ironic gem with regards to the “student” movement that arose following the Parkland shooting.

Stop Making Children Into Moral Authorities
There is something deeply perverse about using children to promote a political agenda. Children simply don’t know anything about politics. Sometimes children ask questions that help us rethink the world because they’ve had little experience with it — when my 4-year-old daughter asks questions about the universe, that prompts me to further learning and research. But she doesn’t have answers, because she’s a child.
Ben Shapiro, 3/21/18

Shapiro comes off as a petulant child to many of us so his words almost come off as a punchline.

Ben Shapiro is 34. That means he was in diapers when some of us were initially pushing back against the Clinton machine and agenda at a time when there was no such thing as a blog or a consumer-ready Internet to distribute thin musings on a moments notice. He is only where he is today because of those who fought, and in some cases, lost much to create forums like those he exploits for personal attention today.

Nothing like having a “talk radio” program, pre-recorded so he can pontificate while not having to lower himself and engage with actual listeners.

Heaping attention and praise upon the modesty-challenged is a reflection on their lack of self-discipline mixed with that delusion of grandeur.

Technically speaking, the 24-year-old Charlie Kirk still lives with his parents, though he spent 338 days on the road last year on Turning Point USA business. On his frequent visits to Washington, D.C., Kirk most often stays at the Trump International Hotel.
Politico, 4/6/18

BTW, for those who donate to Turning Point USA, room rates at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. range from $364 to $945 per night. Wanna bet he stays in a “suite” that runs from $945 to $4,429 per night? Of course, that doesn’t include food and all the other expenses involved with luxury travel but who cares; it’s not HIS money.

The one thing all of these millennial usurpers have in common? They want fame, fortune, demand access, attention, our support and money while looking down upon us and strategically redefining “conservative principles”.

What Exactly Is a ‘Conservatarian’?
Which brings us back to the original question — is “conservatarianism” a new, tech-minded branch of libertarianism, or is it the same old philosophy with a shiny new buzzword? The term seems to be just another addition to the lexicon of political flavors — are you a techno-utopian, a Randian idealist, or a run-of-the-mill nihilist?
The Atlantic, 7/14

Maybe they should invest the time living and learning what conservative principles and morals are before imposing their superior knowledge to those they hope “die off”.

Until ALL of the #NeverTrump-ers and the spawn they’ve created sincerely apologize for the damage they did to the Party and our presidential nominee in 2016 (which the narcissistic arrogant seldom do with any level of sincerity)some of us will be in full #resist mode. After all, they showed us how to do it.


How long does it takes for those with the resources to finally start catching up and vet those who want (not earned)to be stars? Don’t count on the right. We’re truly beginning to question the ability of conservatives in the “media” to actually do their job while acquiescing real reporting, albeit late, to the left.

Even by the whiplash-inducing standards of Trumpworld, Candace Owens’ rise has been fast. In November, amid allegations of racial bias, the conservative campus advocacy group Turning Point USA hired Owens, who is black, as its director of urban engagement.

Owens, suddenly a new face of the American right, was less than two years ago the CEO of an online publication that frequently mocked then-candidate Trump, including conducting a mock “investigation” into his penis size. (The story determined that it was likely very small.) And in a 2015 column for the site lambasting conservative Republicans, Owens wrote that it was “good news” that the “Republican Tea Party … will eventually die off (peacefully in their sleep, we hope).”

How long have we been putting that out there to conservative crickets or arrogant denial?

Indeed, the speed with which Owens has gone from running a frequently anti-Trump, anti-conservative website to being one of the president’s most prominent new supporters illustrates the wild land grab still going on for influence in the pro-Trump ecosystem.

Most of Owens’ writing for Degree180 was not political. Much of it was personal, including essays about her struggle with anorexia, inspirational exhortations, a fierce essay titled “Fuck Girl Code: I Can Hook Up With Your Ex-Boyfriend If I Want,” and advice about how to get prescription stimulants “without so much as a doctor’s evaluation.” (The site seems to have stopped publishing new material in December 2016.)
BuzzFeed, 5/15/18

Granted, we’re not the greatest fans of BuzzFeed, but this was not an exercise in Pulitzer-level digging. It’s just too many on the right could be bothered to look, let alone even know where.

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