Millennial ‘Turning Point USA’ Usurpers Promoted by Clueless Conservatives

The 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference was yet another exercise in media celebrities and the so-called up-and-coming who allowed the attendees to bask in their presence.

To make matters worse, the template of superficiality has permeated down to the next generation of so-called “conservative” leaders whose main goal is not to be a living, breathing example of our values but self-promoting provocateurs who go to hostile college campuses: not to share and defend those values but to be video-recorded being met with the expected mayhem for viral social media product and the possibility of the Holy Grail: a segment on Fox News for more self-adulation.

While being given prominent places on the 2018 stage, millennials like Tomi Lahren, Candice Owens, Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk have been knighted the new stars of the movement despite limited life experience and even worse, dubious support for the Republican Party and our president. They are arrogantly honest, albeit of questionable intelligence, and being able to prance from college into a prominent nonprofit gig hasn’t hurt them.

We have Austin Petersen, who ran for president under the Libertarian party, who is a total Never Trumper. We have Ben Shapiro, who is like the leading Never Trump voice, we have libertarian speakers such as Dave Rubin. We want big names, people that draw attention, and you know what? There’s going to be a lot of contradictory statements. We’re cool with that. There’s going to be Alex Epstein in a shirt that says ‘I love fossil fuels’ and we’re going to have speakers talking about how conservatives should better embrace the idea of climate change. It shows that we as Turning Point we embrace conservatives, libertarians, people in the middle.
Charlie Kirk, 12/23/17

And how much of a rising star is Kirk really? Ask another wannabe as they compliment each other while they also believe, in their arrogance, they are telling us all something we’ve never heard before just because THEY are saying it.

Smartest conservative in the movement“…? Puh-leez.

As many of these “woke” millennials were either still in high school or early in the college years, there was a time when the Paulies were considered a virus trying to infect the Republican Party. They were all about infiltration and the forced integration of their libertarian views: views they’ve now re-branded as “conservatarian” and we all know liberals constantly re-brand to fool their opponents.

These young people, despite the smiles, don’t think much of real conservatives and have openly said as much. That is, until in futility they attempt to scrub the evidence of social justice warrior past. (see: Candace Owens)

Degree180 launched a full-scale investigation into the bat-shit-crazy antics of the Republican Tea Party and the results are not-so-shocking to say the least:

Yes, we can officially confirm that our beloved Republican Tea Party is being led by the Mad Hatter and us millennials have been thrust into their wonderland.  The good news is, they will eventually die off (peacefully in their sleep, we hope), and then we can get right on with the OBVIOUS social change that needs to happen, IMMEDIATELY.

So what can expect to happen when that last tea-party coffin is sealed?

Frankly, me and my millennial peers did not exactly understand why it was such a big deal that Bill Clinton got a blow job in his office. I don’t care who my doctor, banker, grocery-bagger, or any other person that I may come across in my daily life is having sex with– AS LONG AS THEY DO THEIR FUCKING JOBS. All of that talk about “but his morals” gets you nothing but a mandatory STFU from me.
Candace Owens, 10/4/15

What’s sad, again, is how quickly conservatives embrace race-victim infiltrators (see: Stacey DashJoy Villa) without the minimum of vetting.

So we have CPAC throwing at us well-funded #NeverTrumpers (thanks, Foster Friess) who have yet to own up to the inter-party interference they caused in 2016, and those narcissistic “edgy” millennials who spend more time on social media touting how they “destroyed” this person or “blew up” Twitter; not because they said anything really new but because they say they did.

And the one thing they all have in common? They want fame, fortune, access, attention, our support and money while looking down upon us and redefining “conservative principles”. Maybe they should invest the time living and learning what conservative principles and morals are before imposing their superior knowledge to those they hope “die off”.

Until ALL of the #NeverTrump-ers and the spawn they’ve created sincerely apologize for the damage they did to the Party and our presidential nominee in 2016 (which the narcissistic arrogant seldom do with any level of sincerity) some of us will be in full #resist mode. After all, they showed us how to do it.

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