Social Media Accounts of Mass Killers Should Remain Public, Not Hidden

How many times have we had a speculation storm after a mass killer’s name is released, his or her social media accounts are quickly removed leaving the general public at the mercy of the reckless speculation (and/or agendas) of the media?

Obviously a person in custody for such criminality would incur the wrath of the social media anonymous-brave, so it would be proper and understandable if comments were disabled and the “friends” of that person were made invisible, but the public would still be able to go back and piece together possible motivation without the faux-intellectual speculations of the media; at times in gross error to the detriment of the innocent.

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If the Facebook and Twitter accounts weren’t so quickly removed, the media couldn’t have so easily spread an incorrect profile because the truth would be there for all to view. Obviously, lawyers would be screaming about the privacy of the accused and who knows, maybe there would be enough within that person’s profile to clarify a true motive.

Social media accounts of mass killers

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Is the public’s right to know more important than the perils of media speculation, seeing how they’ve been known to sit on important details that offend their politically correct tendencies?

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