Sarah Silverman’s Racist Podcast and Apple’s iTunes ‘Standards’ Hypocrisy

As usual, the left is first to dictate to us how we should act and think while conveniently exempting themselves because they’re inherently so much wiser than the rest of us.

Apple does not tolerate hate speech, and we have clear guidelines that creators and developers must follow to ensure we provide a safe environment for all of our users. We believe in representing a wide range of views, so long as people are respectful to those with differing opinions.
Apple statement, 8/6/18

Fair enough.

The expected selective enforcement of their “community-standards guidelines” is another thing.

In fact a lot of the online music platforms have sought to purge their sites of “hate speech”, as long as we’re not talking about the left’s protected groups who can use racial epithets, sexist insults or other incendiary words that would get most Americans banned, and as the left is systematically digging deep into the past posts of certain individuals, let’s toss those dice!

For example, if you’re Sarah Silverman, you could say almost anything and suffer few (if any) repercussions.

This particular podcast is no longer available for download from iTunes but given their heightened sensitivities, Sarah Silverman’s Grandma’s Virginity Podcasts shouldn’t even be available today. Then again, the rules are clear that certain liberals can use the most offensive words because they are comedians telling “jokes”.

Try calling the next black person you see a nigger and see if you get a laugh in response.

h/t Shite Sturdwell

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