Protesting Red Sox Whiff on Golden Opportunity to Meet President Trump

There are lobbyists who are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars so they can set up a client with the hopeful possibility of meeting an important politician. It would cost much more than that for the most remote possibility of meeting the President of the United States.

The 2018 Boston Red Sox won it all last year and after their last upcoming road game in Baltimore, the reigning champions have been invited to the White House to culminate their achievement with a meeting in the White House with President Trump.

They will not be going as a team.

Puerto Rico is very important to me. During the winter I spent a lot of time back home, visiting my family and friends. Unfortunately, we are still struggling, still fighting. Some people still lack basic necessities, others remain without electricity and many homes and schools are in pretty bad shape almost a year and a half after Hurricane María struck.

Even though the United States Government has helped, there’s still a long road ahead and that is OUR reality. I’ve used my voice on many occasions so that Puerto Ricans are not forgotten and my absence (from the White House) is no different. As such, at this moment, I don’t feel comfortable celebrating in the White House.
Alex Cora, manager of the Boston Red Sox

Unless Cora gets his only news from CNN and MSNBC, it’s also a known fact that one of the single most reasons for any delays in aid actually reaching the people of Puerto Rico is the well-documented corrupt government officials that have taken care of their own families and friends first. Routine corruption that has made any suggestion of Puerto Rico becoming a state a bad joke.

Flashback: Puerto Rican Officials Hoarded FEMA Aid, Bash President Trump

Other Red Sox players deciding not to go to the White House are Xander Bogaerts, David Price, Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr., Rafael Devers, Hector Velazquez, and Christian Vazquez: most of whom deciding not to publicly offer any insights as to why not.

But this, again, is a blown opportunity many would pay many dollars to have.

As much as Cora believes he knows all about what’s going on in Puerto Rico, is there even the most remote possibility that President Trump just may have some insights that haven’t been reported in the media? Probably. Are there some things Cora knows that would be beneficial for the president to be aware of? Probably.

Granted, with all the pomp and circumstance happening on Thursday, a political discussion might not be apropos. But had Alex Cora and the other boycotting players attended, it’s not like one of them couldn’t ask Donald Trump for an appointment next time they’re in town and it’s not like Donald Trump would say “no”.

But the Red Sox manager and players will happily never know what they don’t know because they blew off a chance for that rare opportunity for a dialogue with the president.

I guess they showed him.

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