POLL: What Basic Cable Channels and ‘Content’ Could You Live Without?

Many of us who have to buy some kind of cable television have avoided the overpriced, premium movie channels that rotate the same films and occasionally give you a new option you’ll watch once. So we’re forced to buy a basic cable package that has a very few daily go-to channels and others we have no real reason to waste our time on and that’s how they get us.

The industry has also resisted offering full choice because overall subscription and advertising revenue could decline. Some channels might not survive at all.
Canada Tests ‘A La Carte’ Cable TV Rates, 3/1/16

Imagine how many more people would sign up for cable if they ONLY had to pay for channels and content they wanted?

What Basic Cable Channels Could You Live Without, Wouldn't Pay For?

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Then again, there are many channels of mediocre-or-worse content that would go out of business and we can’t have any of that. Meanwhile the American public is forced to pay for something we don’t want or use.

What does THAT sound like?

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  1. Vanessa

    We don’t even have cable anymore. We have an Internet service, and watch things on Netflix or Vudu, or YouTube. I thought I would miss it, but I haven’t. For a decade now. 🙂

  2. Bevery

    I could very easily live without any of it. The few programs I watch can be purchased streaming or (at the end of the season much cheaper) on DVD than through a cable subscription service. Last month we reduced our cable relationship with U-Verse, opting for their bare-bones plan for internet service only to which my husband added Hulu so he has access to his Fox News and sports channels. So far it’s a win-win situation for both of us. And there’s an added plus — that damned “free” phone is gone and not ringing all day with nothing but spam calls as we never gave that number to anyone,


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