In 2015, Stephen Colbert Admitted Knowing ‘Nothing About Politics’

“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” is one of what used to be considered late night comedy shows. Today, it’s primarily anti-Trump monologues, sketches, complete with guests who are also of like mind and ideology and it’s been this way, pretty much, since Donald Trump won the Republican nomination in 2016, through Election Night, through the 2018 midterms, and it continues to this day.

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert reminded viewers that it’s just two weeks until the midterm elections. He played footage of Obama’s appearance at a Democratic rally where he spoke about his love of facts with a number of pointed references at Trump’s inability to tell the truth. “Oh the truth?” Colbert said. “That is so 2015, Grandpa. We might as well be dancing to Uptown Funk with the Left Shark.”
The Guardian, 10/24/18

Funny, in 2015 Stephen Colbert made some rather astonishing admissions, given his whole job up to that point was supposedly political satire.

Wow. Contrast that with the Stephen Colbert we see today, he’s either a hypocrite, a liar or both.

On any given late weeknight, you can find Stephen Colbert lambasting President Trump for his entire opening monologue, there are no calls for civility, in fact almost everything he said during the 2015 interview has been thrown out the window. While he tried to come off as measured, Colbert admitted he knew nothing about politics which meant his “conservative” persona was a creation of writers and not based on any personal frame of reference.

Aside from knowing “nothing” about politics but gladly depicting a “conservative blowhard” for years on Comedy Central for Jon Stewart, Colbert was just another actor wearing a mask, aspiring to come off as an expert.

Yeah. There’s a confessional aspect to wearing a mask – you know, the same reason why it’s easier to confess behind a screen to a priest than face-to-face. And so by – the character was a 10-year confession, perhaps of, you know, indulging ego and appetite through the person of this character. Then you go on stage as yourself, and you’re responsible for everything you say.

And there’s a natural – I think there’s a natural inclination to pull your punch because you have to be responsible for what you’re saying. You cannot hide behind the mask. And also – that if you talk about politics all the time – well, isn’t that what that other guy did? Why would I – or we talk about the news all the time. Well, isn’t that what – then how am I changing in any way?

And now I have no qualms about being sharp and satirical and highly opinionated and saying whatever’s on my mind as quickly as I can and not worrying about that – I’m playing the same game. I know I’m not playing the same game. But it took me a little while to realize that the character was not in danger of re-emerging.
NPR, 12/30/16

Stephen Colbert is another high-paid fraud and a liberal Hollywood mouthpiece who, like other Democrat celebrities, are short on substance because they really don’t know what they’re talking about but as long as they can get partisan talking points out to the American people on a daily basis with no pushback, it keeps things simple for hypocrites like him and others.

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