Durham: What the Trump Impeachment Could REALLY Be All About

While Democrats, their media pundits and anchors go on and on about why removing President Trump is an imperative to save our “democracy”, it’s what’s NOT being said that should also be considered (as that’s why we recognize that infamous practice called bias-by-omission).

Should Donald Trump be removed from office, that would make Mike Pence the president while there’s a scenario where Nancy Pelosi could become vice president (pending nomination and confirmation); a horrifying scenario to be sure. As vice president, Pelosi would continue her bully tactics and use her leverage with a Democrat-controlled House to create and/or shut down current policy items. One such federal activity she could definitely target for immediate termination, and Democrats have every reason to do so, would be the Durham investigation.

In October, it was reported that John Durham, U.S. attorney from Connecticut was expanding the scope of his investigation, adding agents and resources, to examine the post-election timeline up to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel in May 2017.

Hmm, no leaks….

The “investigation into the investigators” was reported to be upgraded to a criminal inquiry later that month, which gives Durham the power to impanel a grand jury and hand down indictments.
Washington Examiner, 1/27/20

“Grand jury and serve indictments” and the expanded “investigation into the investigators” is undoubtedly what has many in and around Capitol Hill very nervous as while it was very cool to have those within President Trump’s circle investigated, incur exorbitant attorney fees resulting in harsh financial hardship (and in some cases imprisonment), the very thought of the same happening to them is something that must keep many up at night given their possible involvement in what can only be called that “soft coup d’état”.

It’s not clear how many of those involved (that we currently know of) would be willing to fall on a sword for an immediate superior but do you really think Andrew McCabe, James Clapper, James Comey, John Brennan, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok and others would be willing to rely on GoFundMe solicitations to pay for high-priced lawyers, especially when (in this case) a grand jury decision can speed up the normal process and bring a defendant straight into a federal courtroom facing hostile DOJ lawyers?

Mark Zaid, the attorney representing the Ukraine whistleblower, boasted in two recently discovered tweets of ongoing efforts to stage a coup to remove Mr. Trump: “coup has started. First of many steps. rebellion. impeachment will follow,” Mr. Zaid tweeted in January 2017. Later the same month, he tweeted: “coup has started. As one falls, two more will take their place.”
Washington Times, 11/20/19

What the Democrats know is that the Durham investigation findings are not just another federally-produced white paper with “suggestions” that can be amplified or blown off at the discretion of the affected agencies and/or the media. High profile defendants could be frog-matched in front of international cameras and a detailed list of their possible activities would be made public for all to see and digest. Then it would be up to those defendants to absorb the cost of their defense and have to decide how far in a trial they’d want to go, OR maybe plea bargain in exchange for ratting out someone above who knew about or even ordered them to commit crimes that may include treason.

No sooner had Mr. Trump been elected than Rosa Brooks, a former Defense Department official during the Obama administration, wrote an essay for Foreign Policy magazine discussing theoretical ways to remove Mr. Trump before the 2020 election, among them a scenario involving a military coup.

Think about how many people it would take to pull that off.

In September 2018, The New York Times published an op-ed from an anonymous White House official who boasted of supposedly widescale efforts inside the Trump administration to nullify its operations and subvert presidential directives.


Mr. Trump’s opponents often have praised the deep state precisely because unelected career officials are seen as the most effective way to sabotage and stymie his agenda.

So while we’re all being told that President Trump committed impeachable offenses and deserves to be removed from office months before the next election because Democrats know they can’t beat him, think about what they’re NOT talking about and probably truly fear.

A Durham report coming out before the election could have a profound effect with dire ramifications for not only those accused, but those whose fingerprints verify involvement including Fusion GPS, the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton and her campaign, those within the Obama administration and maybe even former president Barack Obama himself.

The thought of a President Donald Trump, unfettered by the yoke of reelection, taking it to the very agencies, personnel and politicians who decided THEY were going to undo the 2016 and 2020 will of the people is a scary prospect indeed because Trump will show no mercy and will carry a very big book to throw at them.

And they all know it.

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  1. valli

    Sen Rand Paul says there are allegations that Eric Ciaramella & Sean Misko plotted for over a year to bring down the president.

    “…they actually plotted together as much as a year or two ago to say that ‘we’ve got to bring this president down… So it’s kind of extraordinary all the people who actually came to the National Security Council. I count maybe 6 people who know each other really well.”


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