To Ignorant Social Media Censors, ‘Negro’ is NOT a Racial Slur

Social media has enlisted a slew of anonymous “moderators” who respond to posts that have either triggered them personally or rapidly respond to select reports from the ideologically-triggered.

Such happened to Bob Parks @BlackAndRight when he dared link and respond to the following news story….

As the ignorant censor at Twitter was obviously clueless, my restrained use of the phrase “Negro, please” (which is “Nigga, please” within the family) is one that most black people almost use as a punchline. It was NOT a racial attack.

Negro is not a racial slur. To put it frankly, the term “Negro” is not the same as using the “N” word. Similar to Latinos, many people have challenges determining which term to refer to our community– even people within the African American community. My great, great aunts, for example, used the term “colored” until they died in the 1990s. As our community evolves, so do the terms that refer to it. Throughout American history “Colored,” “Negro,” “Afro-American,” “Black,” “African American,” etc. have all and continue to be used interchangeably to refer to the African American community.
Ramona Houston, “social impact strategist”

One of the biggest challenges to the society in which we live will be trying to find intellectually-honest people who are willing to admit they are wrong. This goes against everything in some of their narcissistic, woke minds.

Twitter, please.

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