Reports of the Death of the Durham Report are Greatly Exaggerated

In another reason why most things on social media should be taken with a grain of salt….

A source familiar with Durham’s ongoing investigation of the bogus Russian collusion operation tells @FDRLST: “Durham isn’t doing anything. Dropping his investigations. He’s worried about blowback from Biden. What an absolute disgrace.”
Sean Davis, Co-Founder of The Federalist Tweet, 11/15/20

It makes one wonder why there’s nothing on The Federalist website, at least as of November 16, 2020, reflecting what this latest “source” said.

This is just an opinion but yes, it would’ve been great if the “report”, indictments and/or arrests came out BEFORE the 2020 Election, but if Mr. Durham’s stubbornly meticulous results means all of those Swamp rat fucks have to drain their bank accounts for lawyers and end up going to prison, I believe that’s more important as a stark deterrent to this ever happening again.

If these people walk, it will.

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