Had President Trump Been Reelected, the Nation Would STILL Be Burning

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, Laura and I went to Washington, D.C.. We were there until roughly 3am and it was the last time millions of Americans were allowed to celebrate the election of Donald J. Trump.

During the summer of 2020, we were all subjected to leftist disruption of our freedom of movement on American streets and highways, the wanton desecration and/or removal of monuments, burning and looting of stores, vandalism of private businesses and public buildings, takeover of whole neighborhoods by masked terrorists, and a call by elected Democrats to defund law enforcement. The result was billions of dollars in damage and hundreds of injuries and dozens of unnecessary deaths.

On Tuesday, November 3, 2020, Laura and I again went to Washington, D.C. to hopefully enjoy the reelection of President Trump. However, the atmosphere was totally different.

The White House was surrounded by riot fencing. Businesses had closed early and were boarded up. Restaurants were mostly closed. With the exception of police cars periodically racing by, the streets had an empty, apocalyptic air. It was clear to all what was most likely to happen should Joe Biden be declared the loser and the city had, for the most part, prepared for the worse and with good reason.

In consuming the latest condemnation of the events at the Capitol on January 6th, it’s amazing to hear the sanctimonious media, self-serving politicians and federal officials lecture Trump supporters about civility. While the “takeover” of the Capitol was uncharacteristic of any Republican rally to date, watching the political elite cower in fear was quite ironic.

Some of them personally experienced what millions of citizens endure on a near-daily basis in crime-ridden Democrat neighborhoods where defunding the police has been proudly proposed and implemented. While now accusing President Trump of inciting “insurrection” on an hourly basis since January 6th, most media outlets WILL NOT air what he actually said at the end of his rally speech.

Based on recent events, it could be argued that had Joe Biden been declared the loser on Election Night 2020, the leftist Democrats and their Antifa sympathizers would still be vandalizing, looting, burning, attacking the police and hundreds of Americans would be the political, collateral damage. Inauguration Day would be a crescendo many would be fearing.

Something the righteous political class conveniently leave out is despite the events of Wednesday on the Hill, Trump supporters (who rightly contend the election was stolen) have yet to vandalize, loot, burn, attack the police, and nationally no one has been injured or killed during “peaceful protests”.

Had Donald Trump been declared the rightful winner of the 2020 presidential election, America would be on fire, the worst would be yet to come, and those now demonizing Trump supporters would be justifying the leftist carnage.

So spare us the sanctimonious indignation.

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