The New York Times Published a Piece on Blue State-Liberal Hypocrisy?

Honest, inconvenient self-introspection is a trait seldom seen in today’s hypersensitive American liberal, and one of the last places one would expect to see that trait would be in the woke New York Times. Imagine consistent failed Democrat policies being highlighted in a publication that goes out of their way to omit or cover up liberal Democrat policy failings and even criminal activity.

But it happened.

Video producer Johnny Harris and actually went there and it will be interesting to see how long he’s employed by The Times after his fellow, open-minded, tolerant colleagues show their appreciation of his work….

This segment could have been produced by Fox News or any competent conservative outlet, but it came from The New York Times and it didn’t take long for the liberal thin-skinned to go off.

The fourteen plus minute video consists of an introductory segment followed by a set of three critiques concerning issues in three different states under Democratic governance: California, Washington, and Connecticut. Several Cascadia Advocate readers were particularly interested in the Washington segment and got in touch to ask for NPI’s take on it.
Our team watched the video and came away pretty disappointed.

Northwest Progressive Institute, 11/9/21

This video sucks. Stick to maps and stay away from politics.
Jim Jennings, Facebook comment

well… over all you are wrong when it comes to California… and you are a Republican. I really like your channel but I can’t support a Republican…
I can’t vote for a Donald Trump candidate.
I Can’t drink poison water from Texas.
and I can go an go… bye. for good.
Victor Alvarado, Facebook comment

Everybody wants a nice place to liv. Having a high density will not give you that place. It Therefore it is perfectly normal not to want to live in a area with multiple dwellings. It not racist to think about yourself first before you think of others. That isn’t being greedy. What is wrong with single family homes. Nothing.
So build them someplace else.
Saul Neinstein, Facebook comment

Chances are this video may be removed from YouTube and Facebook by the Times after enough employees meet and demand its removal because we all know censorship is tolerated by the left in the most necessary situations (like when the truth is being told).

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