#ShutdownHypocrisy: NO Freebies for Americans After Obamacare Killed Jobs

Thanks to the government shutdown, we’re seeing story after #ShutdownStories about poor federal government employees who are going to have trouble paying their mortgages, put food on their tables, meet their car payments, etc. The sympathy has extended to businesses offering free goods and services to ease the pain these public servants are now enduring because President Trump wants a wall to protect Americans from illegal aliens and Democrats do not.

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Seventy-Five Minutes of Resistance: Protect Yourself from Al Gore

The choice is yours.

On December 3-4, you can endure slow-talking Al Gore and his eighth annual 24 Hours of Reality: Protect Our Planet, Protect Ourselves, complete with certified has-beens, never-really-weres and on-the-way-outs like Sting & Shaggy, Moby, Jeff Goldblum & the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, Bob Weir and Wolf Bros, the Goo Goo Dolls, David Crosby, Jaden Smith, Bill Nye, Téa Leoni, Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin, and a bunch of sanctimonious bureaucrats lecturing on what YOU should do to “save the planet”… things they exempt themselves of doing.

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GM Failing: It Ran Out of Taxpayer’s Money for Union Wages… AGAIN

The left and their media can blame President Trump for the closing of General Motors plants and the loss of jobs all they want. The problem is GM has been plagued by one very significant ill going back a decade plus.

An ill not addressed by the Obama administration bailout and still afflicting them today: higher-than-average wages and legacy costs.

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Once Donald Trump Leaves Office, Americans Will Be Screwed Over Again

If you listen to the Democrats, their activists and media, you’ll hear how bad things are under President Trump and how happy they are about it.

Despite the sloths who’ve inhabited all government offices and agencies and allowed our economy to languish for decades, a businessman took the reins and did what most of the overpaid slugs insist, to this day, could never be done.

But what happens, whether it be their desired 2020 or 2024, when Donald Trump’s presidential term ends and we go back to business-as-usual?

After President Trump leaves office, will our economy be...?

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(This is an informal poll. No personal information is requested or extracted. It’s a shame we have to say this.)

For those of you who still have your 401(k), look at the numbers prior to November 8, 2016 and look at it now.

Think about those who were in control and set up a system where no matter what their decisions are for the rest of the nation, they would land on a nice soft pillow.

Remember those who exempted themselves from an overpriced Obamacare YOU were forced to acquire, even if you couldn’t afford the deductible to access services. Remember an indifferent Federal Reserve that arbitrarily raises interest rates and screws up everything from car to mortgage payments, not to mention your cost of living. Remember the unelected in agencies that ran amok and how their edicts affected, or negatively affected, how you live your lives. Remember all the nations that took advantage of trade policies that sent millions of jobs out of the country because they were negotiated by ignorant bureaucrats who never built a business with their own skin in the game. Remember hostile actors that would capture our soldiers and make then appear pitiful on video because our former POTUS wasn’t respected or feared.

Remember a stock market that we were all told would crash if Donald Trump was elected, that has broken records ever since, and the dip it took when Democrats retook the House and there’s that feeling they’ll do everything politically possible to tank the economy before 2020.

And let’s state the obvious, there’s no Republican on the horizon with the experience and cajones to ever replicate all that is Donald Trump.

Aside from immigration policy that will essentially be the reopening of the unlocked door to the United States and benefits, a military and veterans who will again be relegated to insignificant status, and jobs in poor neighborhoods that may go away, ask those who hate this president what part of the pre-Trump era should we openly embrace and look forward to… again?

The 2018 Midterms: What These Elections Are REALLY All About

After months of nauseous political ads and media prediction drama, it all comes down to the Will of the People on November 6.

Just what do you think will happen?

The 2018 Midterm Elections

  • Republicans retain control of House and Senate (69%, 11 Votes)
  • Democrats take control of House, Republicans retain control of Senate (25%, 4 Votes)
  • Republicans retain control of House, Democrats take control of Senate (6%, 1 Votes)
  • Democrats take control of House and Senate (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 16

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For the last few political cycles, we’ve been repeatedly told that “this election is the most important in history”. While we may be still a few years away from that apocalyptic bar, here’s really what’s on the ballot in 2018.

Media Run Amok

The First Amendment protects “freedom of the press”. It could be argued that the Founding Fathers would’ve added a little more to that Amendment had they envisioned multi-millionaire news anchors using their access to the American people to steer public opinion instead of informing as a privileged watchdog of government.

In 2016, the votes did not go as the media predicted and they ramped up their efforts to destroy an election result they didn’t authorize.

Should Democrats achieve a modicum of electoral success in 2018, the media’s influence will be validated which will empower them to be even more emboldened. Their clear partisanship and disdain for an American people that dared not vote the way they believe we should will continue as we’ll also be validating what they perceive to be their elitist, intellectual superiority.

Despite What You Hear, It’s NOT in the Bag for Democrats

If you listen to the media and pundits, it’s almost a fait accompli that the Democrats will retake the House and inflict their long-awaited and overdue 2016 presidential vengeance on Donald Trump and his supporters. But when you see the campaign appearances by Barack Obama, Oprah, Jimmy Buffett and others deemed progressive “superstars”, there must be something in their internals that say midterm victories for Democrats is NOT a done deal.

Nearly two years of organizing, marching, candidate recruitment and unprecedented fundraising has led the Democratic party to a critical moment. On Tuesday, it can either reassert itself politically or fall short, prompting an utter and complete psychological meltdown.

I can’t even contemplate it, it would be so indescribable,” said former Rep. Steve Israel, who chaired the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee until 2014, told The Daily Beast in an interview. “I just don’t see it happening. If it did, in the unlikely event that it did, it would probably count as one of the biggest moral blows to Democrats in recent memory. Second maybe only to our presidential loss in 2016.
Daily Beast, 11/5/18

The predictions of doom and gloom mixed with the traditional “What Do Democrats Need to Do to Win?” partisan media lament began two years ago, giving the impression the nation was united in its #resistance to Donald Trump and his agenda.

But it’s also what Democrats are NOT talking about that’s interesting.

Many Democrats remain silent about the caravan approaching the U.S.
Trump Approval Among Black Voters Rises to Record 40 Percent in Rasmussen Poll
Latino voters in Florida could help Republicans win in key races
Target Early, a Democratic political data and data services firm, has bad news for Democrats

The actions of prominent and elected Democrats imply there is something to worry about. Nonprofits have heavily fundraised off the hate of Donald Trump, celebrities have joined the campaign trail to feed off that hate, and reputations are on the line if Democrats don’t pull off that much-predicted victory.

The Economy

It could also be argued that the economy is the best in decades, if not ever, because of the unconventional approach President Trump has taken. His insights as a businessman runs counter to the tactics used by career politicians (a concept the Founders probably didn’t envision and would have frowned upon) and bureaucrats that never really solve a problem because to do so might endanger the employment and pensions of civil servants whose positions may be rendered no longer needed.

The choice is clear.

During President Trump’s time in office, the economy has achieved feats most experts thought impossible. GDP is growing at a 3 percent-plus rate. The unemployment rate is near a 50-year low. Meanwhile, the stock market has jumped 27 percent amid a surge in corporate profits.
CNBC, 9/7/18

Should Democrats take control of either House or Senate, their goal will be to impede the Trump economy as to make it an issue in 2020. Officeholders and the media won’t take a hit. They’ll have their jobs and benefits. It’s the American people who will suffer; something they’ve almost always cared little about because the ultimate goal is power.

Democrats, despite their election moderation, WILL attempt to impeach Donald Trump if they take the House of Representatives. The damage to the stock market, thus jobs, could be significant which is exactly what they want. Overturning the 2016 Will of the People will be their goal, as it’s been the day after the president was elected.

#DeepState Given the Green Light

For those of you not in close proximity to the Washington, D.C. area, it’s heavily dependent on the federal government. Liberal Democrats run the area, just like they run the inner workings in and around Capitol Hill.

They believe THEY are entitled to our tax dollars. They’ve created lucrative employment packages for themselves and freeze out those who could do those jobs more effectively and responsibly. They have employee unions that dictate what they’ll be paid, how much they have to work, how much they’ll receive when they retire and who has the right to oversee them. President Trump has put their security in flux and they’ve targeted him with the full force of the federal law enforcement mechanism.

We know federal employees, in particular the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation, preferred Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in 2016. We know they used “long-established norms” to attempt to entrap a presidential candidate, members of his campaign, later his transition team and after, his administration in an attempt to forcibly remove him from his duly elected office.

They brazenly use their power to indict anyone they want associated to Donald Trump, callous to the financial ramifications on those they target. They whine when THEY are caught and lose pensions and/or lucrative security clearances as a result of their partisan acts.

Had Hillary Clinton won the presidency, 90% of what we know about a Russian dossier, dubiously obtained FISA warrants, and other nefarious acts by government employees against a sitting president would’ve been hidden from the American people to this day, and that’s exactly how they wanted it. With the victory of Donald Trump, federal employee shenanigans are being revealed, albeit slowly, and all-important careers and possible prison time is on the table.

If Democrats take the House, investigations of federal employees (who basically staged a bloodless coup) will slow if not be ceased. These employees will also be emboldened to increase their bully tactics against anyone who works in and around the Trump Administration and strengthen their own defense against what they attempted to do. And if they did it once and got away with it, they WILL do it again to President Trump in 2020 and in elections beyond.

Nonprofits and Activists

If Democrats achieve any level of election success, the bullying of Americans will also be validated and will become that “new normal”. We’ll see increased political violence, much of will be encouraged by genuine line items in activist nonprofit budgets.

Get ready for more iterations of #BlackLivesMatter, #WomensMarch, #Antifa and whomever can ramp up as much political disruption as needed.

That is, until Democrats are back in control. Then, any kind of political dissent will be promptly denounced as “unpatriotic”.

Education and Entertainment

For now, a lost cause.

Liberals are churning out little liberals, superseding the values of parents, and creating a voting bloc meant to transform the United States into a socialist utopia never achieved in the human experience. While they won’t teach students of the downside, these new voters are blind to what they wish to create and they’ll talk down to us with authority. A Democrat midterm victory will also validate the irresponsible behavior of teachers and professors, many of whom are paid with taxpayer dollars and via unions, have inoculated themselves from any scrutiny for children they fail to educate in subjects that really matter.

These are just some of the national issues “on the ballot” the media may not be fully informing the American people about. Statewide and local elections will also validate the tactics used by determined Democrats that will be referred-to and used again in campaigns to come.

We get the government we vote for. 2018 will be no different.

11/6/18 UPDATE

As someone who’s spoken in public, I appreciate how easy it is for an audience to throw you off message. Rush Limbaugh was visually impacted by the size and energy of the Trump rally in Cape Girardeau, Missouri the night before the midterm election.

There are things he said the afternoon before the rally that didn’t get an opportunity to be translated in person but he still did a great job!

#CaravanMigrants Could Care Less Americans Don’t Want Them Here

Try just walking into someone’s home without an invitation; someone you don’t know and without their expressed permission. If they are home, you will probably be met with a varying degree of resistance. Heaven forbid if you were to just up and enter Jake Tapper’s home or Don Lemon’s home or Stephen Colbert’s home or any of the slobbering cable news and/or liberal pundits who are lamenting the poor participants in that caravan making their way to the United States-Mexico border.

Those “caravan migrants” are coming, they don’t give a damn about our laws, nor what the President of the United States says or what Americans think. Many liberals and illegals in this country believe they have full Constitutional rights once they unlawfully cross the border.

Not exactly.

While non-citizens enjoy most of the Constitutional rights of citizens, for those facing deportation, the law is different. “[the undocumented] are subject to immigration law, under which the executive branch has broad authority to determine whether it wants them in the country or not,” Forbes wrote. “And until they’ve passed through immigration control, they aren’t technically on U.S. soil.”

Also, besides emergency care and k-12 education, undocumented immigrants do not have a right to most public subsidies, including Medicare, Medicaid, public housing and Social Security. Obamacare specifically prohibits providing federally-subsidized coverage to immigrants who are here illegally.
What Rights Do Undocumented Immigrants Have?

They’re coming in because THEY want to, despite what they can or can’t offer our society and economy. It’s all about what illegals want and we must give them.

Of course, many of the more prominent liberals who advocate for illegals don’t live where illegal aliens settle, would not want them to settle in their neighborhoods, and they’ll gladly pay them under-the-table slave wages to perform menial tasks in and around their homes.

Compassionate, right?

After Denouncing Incivility, Sanders Resorts to Anti-Gun, Racebaiting

It didn’t take long for those who deem themselves above it all to take things right into the political opportunist gutter.

Sen. Bernie Sanders appeared with Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., at the Berkeley Community Theater Saturday afternoon and tried to rally the crowd of impassioned supporters, some of whom greeted him with shouts of “Bernie 2020,” to get out and vote.

But the senator also struck a somber tone in addressing the tragic news of the shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh that left eleven dead and several more wounded on Saturday. A number of people in the crowd gasped as Sanders described the news. The victims had been attending a baby naming ceremony, according to the Associated Press.
San Francisco Gate, 10/27/18

It didn’t take Bernie Sanders long for him to bring up his standard rail against the very “1%” status he comfortably enjoys and gun violence, like others on the Democrat side, only when it happens in white communities.

While a guest on MSNBC, he gave a glancing notice of the incendiary comments of Representative Maxine Waters to follow Trump Administration personnel to where they eat, work and live. He failed to denounce the words of violence by former Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, former President Barack Obama and others who believe it’s patriotic for liberal Democrats to commit acts of violent #resistance to their political opponents. When equivalent crazies who present themselves as Republican commit reprehensible acts, it becomes the political and media narrative for days and opportunists like Sanders to create Facebook videos, complete with soft piano beds to tug at liberal heartstrings just before the 2018 midterm election.

While at the mostly-white Berkeley venue where his video highlighted the few people of color in attendance, bets are he didn’t mention those on the Democrat side of the aisle who publicly called for violence and those supporters of his who used a variety of weaponry to commit mortal harm.


The Black & Blonde Media Skim

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Blue states drowning in irretrievable debt thanks to ‘grotesque’ public sector pensions. You’re about to get stuck with bill.
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Media Blackout on Conservative Voices now in Effect for Midterms
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Democratic moderates fear the “socialist left” will wreck the party: They want to keep that gig
The “moderates” created their little monsters
Trump threatens U.S. government shutdown over immigration
Flashback: Shutdown Poll: Do We Really Need ‘Non Essential Government Employees’?
Mr. President, just do it.
Eric Holder says he’s interested in being president. And he thinks he has what it takes
He’s another light-skinned (non-threatening) which the left generally prefers
Biden’s niece shows remorse after avoiding jail in credit card scam
One hundred thousand dollars off a stolen credit card. No, very few of us could walk away after this
Trump trolls Michael Cohen on Twitter, reminding him he once defended Don Jr. and slams the ‘fake news media’ for its coverage of the saga
Why did Cohen tape Trump? He was going to write a book down the road and needed quotes documented
Idaho inmates hacked prison-issued tablets for $225,000 in credits
When you have nothing but time on your hands and taxpayer-funded WiFi
Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis hospitalized
Is this legit or is something coming…?
Sharpton: We’re “in the Hospital” on the Left, if not the “Cemetery”
“Blue wave” or just some spit in the wind
Trump claims his approval numbers top Reagan and ‘Honest Abe’ Lincoln – even though presidential polling wasn’t invented until FDR’s time
Don’t you wish Obama was fact-checked with the same zeal, even when speaking figuratively? Would have saved us all a lot of money
City report on Confederate monuments raises idea of renaming Austin
Just wait until we decide to start renaming… and why
Global auto powers plotting response to Trump auto tariff threats
Finding a comfortable place to lay down
Inside my nightmare working in de Blasio’s government
Why are we always supposed to feel sympathy for the willing dupes?
FBI’s history with Southern Poverty Law Center uncovered
Speaking of “willing duped”, it’s not conservatives who gave the SPLC credibility
Media Gaslighting Can’t Hide Fact Trump Campaign Was Spied On
By Obama for Hillary

Here’s What Happened When A Trump Supporter Became A ‘Commie Camp’ Counselor
I saw a lot of this in Massachusetts. Cowardly liberals love to get their hands on innocent children
Celebs Turn Murder Into Call For Social Justice
Parkland Kids Partner With Multiple Organizations For The ‘National March On The NRA’ Event
Exploitation for self-gratification is what they all do best
Jordan: If Rosenstein doesn’t deliver, Meadows and I will force impeachment vote
Why do these threats always seem to lack meat on the bones?
More legal problems for Stormy Daniels
Stormy Daniels Will Make More Than $650,000 For One-Week Appearance On ‘Celebrity Big Brother’
That’s why it’s still one of the oldest professions
Facebook Troubles Grow – Facing Lawsuit Liabilities of … Billions?
Wall Street finally taught Zuckerberg the lesson he deserved
Facebook is just a website. Why it was ever so overvalued and Zuckerberg achieved deity status remains a mystery

Nancy Pelosi ROASTED For Appearing as Guest Host on Jeopardy!
“Crumbs” Pelosi Desperately Tries to Distract From Epic 4.1% GDP Growth – Posts Completely Debunked Chart on US Wages
Too bad she wasn’t a contestant. That would have been entertaining
Erdogan responds to Trump: We will stand our ground
U.S. Christian pastor leaves Turkish prison after court ruling
In paragraph seven, it says this was a response to a threat of “a harsh new policy on Turkey” by President Trump to be delivered by Vice President Pence
Melania Trump age: How old is Melania Trump – fans shocked at age compared to Donald
Oh, puh-leez. Shall we start looking at Hollywood and the news media…?
Egypt sentences 75 members of the Muslim Brotherhood to death
Payback’s a bitch
Asylum Rules Would Allow Migrating Foreign Population to Fill Half of Midwest
We all know whose neighborhoods they won’t be allowed to “migrate” to
George Soros Spent $10.37 Million Lobbying During Second Quarter
President Trump is winning, thus who is losing…?
Trump Anxiety Disorder: Therapists claim patients are experiencing President-related anxiety due to Potus’ policies and Twitter feuds
We had to deal with eight years of gloating, having Obama policies shoved down our throats. Fuck ’em
Biden, Sanders top poll of possible Democratic presidential hopefuls
Socialist Bernie and gaffin’ Joe. Will be a lot of fun

Gay mafia succeeds in driving children’s playhouse out of Pittsburgh, it is moving to Idaho.
Tolerance by the tolerant
Statehood Would Be an Economic Boon for Puerto Rico
Flashback: Puerto Rico’s ‘shortsighted’ fiscal plan totally ‘misses the mark’
Flashback: Puerto Rico mayor, two others arrested on corruption charges
And the American taxpayer would be on the hook for this liberal economic basket case (again)
New billboard in GJ shows ‘GOP’ letters mixed with Soviet Union symbols
The stoopids are loose again in Grand Junction
L.A. school board’s Ref Rodriguez pleads guilty to conspiracy and resigns
No jail time. We ARE talking the Los Angeles Unified School District
Massachusetts Governor Celebrates Sanctuary State Defeat; Immigration Advocate Warns ‘Election Is Coming’
I met Baker at a Lincoln Breakfast during the mid 2000’s. I thought him a flake then and he’s even worse now
Over 1,200 migrants rescued off Spanish coast in 2 days
Who told them they were wanted or does that even matter?
Trump supporters, opponents clash at Spicer book signing
A black man from Cambridge, Massachusetts claims Sean once called him a “nigger”. I hesitate nowadays to say I grew up in Cambridge

Pravda on ‘Russophobic Whores, Cuckolds’ #Swamp and Media

Of course, on this side of the pond we see and hear the constant pummeling of the Trump Administration by the fat and balding punditry, high-pitched squealing millennial reporters, career swamp rats and media reciters. Democrats are in unison demanding action for Russia’s outrageous meddling in our election because we all know the United States NEVER does that kind of thing.

And while they’d look at our gutless, backstabbing politicians or our “gold standard” media regarded as nothing close to Russian propaganda, it’s kinda sad when Pravda’s take is any less the propaganda seen day on the self-adoring CNN, MSNBC, or in our nation’s capital…

Trump versus the Traitors on Capitol Hill
Pry behind the scenes of Capitol Hill and what does one find? A bunch of professional politicians, some of whom are serious and earnest to deliver public service but the jeers behind my back as I face the keyboard already show what the People think: collectively they are a bunch of self-seeking good-for-nothings who would sell their own grandmother or pimp their own daughters if they thought it would bring them personal gain.

That’s pretty spot on as we’ve personally met many of them.

Now they have their knives out for Donald Trump. And why? Because he listened to Vladimir Putin, because he listened to common sense and because he made his statements based on the truth and not upon cajolery, lies peddled by political skallywags, sexed-up half-truths paraded by Russophobic whores and cuckolds permeating the woodwork of the FUKUS (France-UK-US) Establishment.

The left did get along with Russia until the whole Russia-collusion thing was floated out there as a premature trial balloon if, heaven forbid, Hillary lost, President Obama could hide behind his most authoritative statement, “Cut it out”.

When it comes to foreign policy, due to the fact that Washington sticks its nose into everyone else’s business, it is a question for all of us and here we, non-US citizens, indeed have a word to say.

I would prefer a US President who is prepared to listen to common sense and follow his instincts than one sprung from the cesspool of professional politicians, deviants, traitors, nutcases and social climbers of the ilk we find on Capitol Hill. And common sense tells us that if the US electoral system is so weak and porous that a handful of hackers can fix the result, then what the hell have those on Capitol Hill been doing for generations?

No reason to make this post Rated R.

There are dozens of problems in the United States that linger because that “cesspool of professional politicians, deviants, traitors, nutcases and social climbers” need them as campaign reelection issues, no matter how many Americans are negatively affected or worse.

BTW — The DC establishment leeches always seem to find a way to exempt themselves from the policies THEY know are better for the taxpayer.

President Trump has had many successes because he feels and acts on the urgency of the American people. He doesn’t deem us as annoying statistics that can justify more government makework career Democrat employees, contractors who play fast and loose with taxpayer money, and/or near-useless politicians who use us as props.

Unlike those in the swamp and the parasites slithering in the water, Donald Trump has actually created something of value and doesn’t need the backpatting the useless in and around Capitol Hill depend on for relevance. Name ONE of those clamoring for relevance who’d be missed if they vanished off the face of the Earth tomorrow.

All those in cable news, so-called news websites, any politician, staffer or career employee in Washington, D.C.; how would our lives be any worse off if any of them weren’t around to bless us with their presence and wisdom?

Granted, we can’t afford to stay at any Trump properties, but many people enjoy the president’s facilities and he hired hundreds of people to create and maintain them. The swamp hasn’t created anything of physical value nor enriched anyone but themselves, especially the politicians who come to D.C. and get rich.

Yes, they help us… and make us pay for it.

So I prefer a President who listens to common sense. I prefer a President who is prepared to engage with Russia and to form a relationship with Russia, knowing that Russia is not an enemy of the United States and its allies, but an advanced nation, a powerful partner which respects international law and which complains against the West simply because it is the west which flouts international law, which lies and uses bullying as its modus operandi, hiding behind terrorist organizations which it uses to foster policy.

Sure, some of that is a bit of bluster, but the United States does have a history of trying to impose their brand of democracy on other nations without the courtesy of asking first. Yes, we DO meddle in the elections of our countries and sometimes to make it more palatable, it’s dubbed “regime change”.

Sometimes we instigate a populace and just walk away when things get too dicey. Our politicians and unelected pundits assume they alone know what’s better for other nations and use bombs and bullets to achieve a whitepaper goal. Video of bombed out buildings and dead children at the bottom of the hour.

And seeing how Russia has quite a few nuclear missiles aimed at us in a saturation fashion, it would be common sense to not be on an adversarial posture with them if at all possible. Isn’t “engagement” what the fat-and-happies at the State Department are always telling us what must occur, or is the problem that President Trump is having results where the superior-intellect career have routinely not?

So Trump is not a traitor. In his approach he is doing more for his country than those on Capitol Hill have done for the last hundred-plus years. Meaning Capitol Hill is what exactly?

Many of us can see what President Trump has accomplished. Maybe more substance than any president in our lifetime and more. Too many others are still in full sore-loser revenge mode because their candidate who couldn’t even walk up the stairs by herself, lost.

And Capitol Hill is… well, the nation would clearly be a better place without those who depend on and create misery.

Why Won’t the Trade ‘Experts’ Just Shut Up and Let Trump Seal the Deals?

There are many in the media who are now knee jerking and criticizing President Trump on his international trade stance.

CNBC: The trade war will get worse before it gets better
EU Observer: EU rejects US trade ‘gun to the head’
Business Insider: China and the EU are teaming up to fight back against Trump’s trade war
WaPo: Trump says he’s ‘surprised’ Harley-Davidson is moving work overseas after tariffs take effect
Fortune: Trump Faces Trade War Fallout: Layoffs, Stock Declines and Harley’s Move Offshore
ABC News: Share markets dive as traders get nervous about escalating trade war
NY Times: The Trade War Finally Got Real
Politico: Trump’s trade war triggers recession fears
Bloomberg: Alaskan Fishers Fear Collateral Damage as China Trade War Begins
Wall Street Journal: Chip-Equipment Makers in Crosshairs of Trade War
Fox News: Trump trade war with China puts 300,000 soybean farmers, $14 billion export industry in limbo

In the iconic movie “Wall Street”, the corporate raider played by Michael Douglas delivered the following dose of reality to the stockholders of the fictional Teldar Paper….

We’re not here to indulge in fantasy, but in political and economic reality. America has become a second-rate power. Its trade deficit and its fiscal deficit are at nightmare proportions. Now, in the days of the free market, when our country was a top industrial power, there was accountability to the stockholder. The Carnegies, the Mellons, the men that built this great industrial empire, made sure of it because it was their money at stake. Today, management has no stake in the company.
Gordon Gekko

For decades, the political lawyer-mill, well-fed class has been rubber stamping trade deals with our savvier overseas adversaries and the results have been sweet deals for them because it was our money being played with; not theirs.


And you are all being royally screwed over by these, these bureaucrats, with their steak lunches, their hunting and fishing trips, their corporate jets and golden parachutes.

Unlike the intellectually superior Chicken Littles in the media and Capitol Hill, Donald Trump has had to deal with some of the very international players now screaming bloody murder. Trump has had to purchase items in bulk like steel, goods for his business ventures, and he’s had to circumnavigate the mess created by too many who were paid to lobby for nations that sought to take the United States to the cleaners.

Do you really know what we buy from the European Union and are you tired having to replace and rebuy items that came from China or Mexico? Now, as a president with actual inside knowledge as to the screwing the United States has been taking, President Trump’s going into negotiations with one enormous bargaining chip: these countries need the United States market more than we need theirs… and they know it.

The critics told us President Trump’s election would crash the stock market and they were very wrong.

The critics told us President Trump’s tax cuts were going to bring about a recession and they were very wrong.

The critics told us President Trump’s interactions with North Korea could bring about nuclear war and they were very wrong.

Despite the naysayers who’ve created nothing of real value ‘cept for yapping, Donald Trump has achieved more than any most can enumerate off the cuff.

Very, very few of the critics who whine about almost anything President Trump does have ever signed a payroll check, thus know very little about anything about running a small business, let alone a billion dollar corporation. Donald Trump knows the hands all at the table have been dealt, he’s the dealer and he controls the game. The United States market, our goods and services, and our intellectual property are all up for grabs. No responsible CEO would allow his company to be screwed in a deal just because that’s the way it’s always been done.