A WOMAN Has a ‘Right to Choose’ While Biden Issued Federal MANdates

It really doesn’t matter where you consume news; because of the Supreme Court’s reversal of the Roe vs. Wade decision, someone is reminding us about our “right to choose” and our right to make the most personal medical decisions that affect our bodies.

Funny how for more than a year, governors, mayors, unelected health officials, television pundits. celebrities, professional sports teams, social media platforms and more had no problem telling millions of Americans what to do with their personal autonomy: require them to take an experimental vaccine that have no long-term side-effect studies available. Unvaccinated Americans were badgered, shamed, denied access to public areas, threatened with loss of income, simply because they dared exercise their “right to choose” what happens to their bodies.

While abortion is not a victimless procedure, Americans were told not getting a vaccine put others at mortal risk. The appreciation and protection of life is convenient one for the left: it’s precious when it’s theirs while a baby is a disposable inconvenience.

Even the President of the United States was prone to this hypocrisy.

It appears a MANdate carries more weight than a WOMAN’s right to choose.

While whining to the contrary when they don’t get their way, liberals have no trouble telling people what to do to their bodies, denying their right to choose and using the power of government to punish those who don’t obey. They are the last people to lecture anyone about freedom, rights, privacy, medical decisions, and saving lives when they cavalierly take them.

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