AP’s Lee Challenges State’s Russian-False-Flag ‘Well, I Said So’ Credibility

Matt Lee has been the Associated Press’ State Department correspondent since 2007. He’s had to navigate the verbal gymnastics of types like spokespersons Jen Psaki and Marie Harf at State. But it appears the bullshit meter was pegged by former CIA intelligence analyst and current State spokesman Ned Price when he spoke of “declassified” evidence of a Russian “false flag” event that would provide the excuse for an invasion into Ukraine.

The media in attendance during the February 3rd press briefing was expected to dutifully distribute the possible plot as accepted fact.

The United States has acquired intelligence about a Russian plan to fabricate a pretext for an invasion of Ukraine using a faked video that would build on recent disinformation campaigns, according to senior administration officials and others briefed on the material. The plan — which the United States hopes to spoil by making public — involves staging and filming a fabricated attack by the Ukrainian military either on Russian territory or against Russian-speaking people in eastern Ukraine.
New York Times, 2/3/22

The usual suspects’ accepted anything coming from a Democrat administration as unchallenged gospel.

CNN: US alleges Russia planning false flag operation against Ukraine using ‘graphic’ video
NPR: Deputy NSA talks on Russia’s possible ‘false flag’ attack to justify Ukraine invasion
Fox News: Russia planning Ukraine false flag as pretext for invasion: Pentagon
MSNBC: U.S. intelligence suggests Russia considering ‘elaborate’ pretext to invade Ukraine
USA Today: DOD: Intel shows Russia plotting false flag attack
VoA: US Says Russia Preparing ‘False Flag’ Operation to Justify Invading Ukraine

Lee wasn’t buying it and needed a wee bit more than “Well, I said so”.

For years, conservatives were ridiculed for not blindly accepting news presented by the legacy media. Liberals mock anyone using the term “false flag”. Millions were told to get a vaccine that would prevent them from catching COVID-19. For over five years, millions of Americans were led to believe Donald Trump was a Russian spy that stole an election. There is instance-after-instance where what we were told to believe then is now the complete opposite with seldom an admission of error issued.

A quickly and efficiently failing Biden administration, that looks for anything to exploit that might result in a one percent bump in any poll, is very dangerous as desperate politicians and staff have little regard for whomever they may hurt in order to maintain power. They’ll even conduct missile strikes and are indifferent to any collateral damage and casualties they may cause. They may even find a way to enter a conflict with the belief there’ll be solidarity behind a wartime Commander-in-Chief.

Not like it hasn’t happened before and at least one reporter knows a rat when he smells one.

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