Liberals Won’t Admit Being Suckered By Their Own Snake Oil Salesmen

After ending the United States’ energy independence, opening our borders, the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, the politicization of COVID-19 health mandates, forcing Americans to swallow all things trans, and all of the serious ramifications resulting in intentionally damaging policies that Americans ultimately will pay for, there are still those who think Joe Biden’s job performance is just peachy!

All one can do is ask who the hell is this 41%?

Those who hate all things Donald Trump is an obvious answer as it continues to this day, but what else can be attributed to the defiance of the left to admit all of the pain of the last year and the next three years is technically all on them?

Whether we’re talking Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, most anchors and pundits on CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NPR, the network news channels, academia, the entertainment industry, they got a significant amount of people to believe they had the answers to all that ailed them. And they got people to buy it; like, snake oil salesmen!

In popular culture, a particular kind of confidence trick is associated with the snake oil salesman, in which the travelling salesman purports to be a doctor (with dubious credentials), selling fake medicines with boisterous marketing hype, often supported by pseudo-scientific evidence. To increase sales, an accomplice in the crowd (a shill) will often attest to the value of the product in an effort to provoke buying enthusiasm. The “doctor” will leave town before his customers realize they have been cheated.

It doesn’t take much to be either the salesman or the shill nowadays because it’s lucrative to be able talk shit effectively and with conviction, and as long as it’s the opposite proposed by Donald Trump and/or Republicans, any obviously stupid remedy can be peddled and sold.

While during the first days of his administration, Joe Biden cancelled the contract for the Keystone XL pipeline resulting in almost immediate gas price jumps, who really thought this was a good thing? Obviously Biden was given a mandate from his supporters to undo anything and everything President Trump successfully enacted as punishment for years of mean Tweets.

While during the first days of his administration, Joe Biden rescinded Trump’s border wall that resulted in the lowest numbers of illegal alien entry into the United States ever and the subsequent spike in border crossings to historic new highs, who really thought this was a good thing?

When people across the world watched the thoroughly mismanaged withdrawal of the American presence in Afghanistan, complete with people trying to cling to Air Force cargo planes taking off and falling to their deaths, unprotected servicemembers blown to bits at the airport gate, the Taliban inheriting billions in state-of-the-art weaponry abandoned, and an unknown number of Americans left behind enemy lines, who really thought this was a good thing?

When Americans are seeing a momentous jump in gasoline prices that results in almost everything, from empty grocery aisles to clothing to heating oil (it IS still winter), approaching all-time records due government-induced inflation, who really thinks this is a good thing?

Now that we’re finding out (something many of us already knew) almost everything we were told for the last two years from the Centers for Disease Control, federal health officials, parroted by politicians and the media was either wrong or a lie, who still demands everyone “follow the science”?

The thing that angered most people who in many cases tarred-and-feathered predatory snake oil salesmen, was not just that they ripped people off from their hard-earned money, but they took advantage of those who were susceptible to the smooth talk. People were angered that they were made fools of. That also took a certain amount of honest retrospection for those people to admit they were suckered.

But today, we have millions who have the benefit of a education believing they are incapable of being duped, thus also being very wrong.

No matter how much damage they see all around them (and may even be personally experiencing), they believe they are too intellectually superior to have done something now so evidently stupid as to have supported and voted for Joe Biden. To spare themselves the indignity of enduring dirty looks, some may have removed the Biden-Harris bumper stickers off their cars, but that’s as far as they’ll allow their pride to be harmed.

We’re now seeing the self-righteous sanctimonious who clogged our televisions, lecturing us on the need for vaccinations, boosters, mask mandates, remote learning, shutdowns, now backtracking, telling us the coast is clear and now THEY are allowing us to carefully ease back to normal while hoping never to address all the demands they made of Americans we now know were either unnecessary or just plain wrong. And the world knows the dozens of examples of those in power who inflicted restrictions on their constituents while breaking those same restrictions behind closed doors over booze or a really good meal.

The problem is these same people will continue to given themselves ego boosts by voting for Democrats like Biden again, if given the chance. It won’t matter how clearly bad for the nation this person may be; as long as it’s not a Republican, they’ll support those who STILL want police defunded, energy-killing climate change policies advanced, more of the world’s poor (and fentanyl) to cross into our country, foreign adversaries happily awaiting the next “strongly worded letter” coming from our State Department, and keep children masked and negatively affected.

Let’s never forget what the nation would look like today if Donald Trump had been allow to have a second term. Aside from a stable, if not record-breaking economy, liberals would still be protesting in the streets and snake oil salesmen and women would be telling us not to believe the low gas prices and inexpensive food, etc. They’d be telling us all how horrible the country is, hoping to say it loud enough to get a response from  the president.

Tarring and feathering the snake oil class might be considered a form of assault today but it’s not listed as a specific crime.

That says a lot of how much swindlers were despised by the unwilling duped. The willing and self-excused are another problem all together.

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