Fence-Squatter Bill Maher Reminds Us All Who Writes His Checks

We need more people speaking out. This country is not overrun with rebels and free thinkers.
It’s overrun with sheep and conformists.

 Bill Maher

There have been times when some of us questioned why any Republican in his or her right mind would EVER appear on Real Time with Bill Maher. Those who had neglected egos in crisis, were pimping books and dropped by during their West Coast swing, were candidates polling badly locally, or were on-the-outs with the party for siding with Democrats on certain issues of the day. But anyone who knows liberal Hollywood understands the only reason to tolerate having a conservative on a set is to have that good vs. evil visual aid prop and unfortunately, there are still dimwitted Republicans who are more than ready to assume the position.

Over the last few months and thanks to destructive policies that are so obvious even the most rabid of Democrats have to begrudgingly endure, Bill Maher has made observations that crossed into the realm of common sense. He’s called out Democrats on his program and you know that hasn’t gone down well amongst the thin-skinned who are party first, no matter how many Americans feel the pain.

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As the aggregators at Fox News were routinely shouting out his liberal beatdowns, one can only imagine the stink-eye Bill’s gotten from his peers and it appears he had to do something to get them off his case.

He delivered.

Sure, there are some loony Republicans out there who’ve successfully skirted the vetting process but we all know that hours can be spent viewing clips of deranged liberals, some of whom are sitting in elected office to this day. And let’s not forget, the most infamous “Karen”, despite revisionist attempts, was a liberal.

Despite his protestations against cancel culture, Bill Maher knows that liberals are the most intolerant people on the planet, especially in Hollywood. If they set their minds to it, he could be cancelled tomorrow if the right people contacted the right people. Such may already happened behind the scenes, Maher may have been told to reign it in and remind his audience (in no uncertain terms) who the bad people really are… or “you’ll never work in this town again”. And should you enjoy the Hollywood lifestyle and incur the expenses required, the prospect of sudden unemployment/banishment from that lucrative industry leaves few options.

The weakest will succumb and it looks like Maher did.

A $140 million net worth is peanuts that can be wiped out in a Hollywood week, especially if you can’t afford to pay a publicist whose calls aren’t being answered. Maher knows this and will obediently stay in the liberal lane.

Bill Maher has a show that’s unencumbered by inconvenient sponsors. His show lives via subscriptions so people who may never watch his show, pay for his show. But he’s also a player in a business whose values depend on who’s signing the paychecks and we all know what we call people like that….

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