LGBTQ+ Disney Employee Abuse Isn’t Worth The Price of Admission

While many are citing the latest gay onslaught on children, it’s been something in the works for over 20 years.

The Walt Disney Company has added themselves to the groups who believe it’s their right to have access to and sexualize children, now as young as kindergarten age, and they’re pissed off there is actual opposition to their desires.

Governor Ron DeSantis signed HB 1557, also known as the controversial ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, into Florida law during a press conference Monday morning The bill, officially called the Parental Rights in Education bill, was signed into law at Classical Preparatory School in Spring Hill around 12:30 p.m.

“We will make sure that parents can send their kids to school to get an education, not an indoctrination,” DeSantis said in the press conference. The Florida Senate previously passed the related SB 1834 22-17 in early March before it reached the governor’s desk. The newly signed legislation restricts what kids could learn about sexual orientation in elementary school. The new legislation limits discussion of LGBTQ issues in kindergarten through third grade.

The bill also allows parents to sue school districts if teachers discuss homosexuality or gender identity.
NBC 2, 3/28/22

Coupled with the lies pushed by transgender activists and the media (“Don’t Say Gay” is what the left repeats is in the bill), Disney employees are going to openly defy the bill and target any politician who believes woke, gay advocate teachers talking with kindergarteners about their genitals is a bad thing.

The problem is that we’re now talking about families potentially boycotting a two or three dollar chicken sandwich. Disney products are not cheap. Disney+ goes for $8 a month or $80 a year for ad-free streaming, or a Disney+ with Hulu and ESPN+ bundle runs for a starting price of $14 a month or $168 a year. That will amount to a noticeable savings to the monthly family budget, avoiding a company whose abusive employee bullies are giving a middle finger to their customers, that is until they get over the outrage Christopher Rufo’s release of this video has caused.

Disney employees are now claiming to be the victims of “right wing media online harassment” and have organized an astroturf campaign to “mitigate the hate with the hashtag #DisneyPRIDE.” The campaign has been a flop, generating virtually no online support.
@realchrisrufo Tweet, 3/31/22

But here’s where things can get real dicey for the Mouse.

Not even taking Bidenflation and war into account, a family going to Disneyworld in 2022 costs a serious amount of money and planning.

5 Nights Pop Century — $1228
5 Day Base Tickets — $1988
2 Days Genie+ — $128
MCO-Disney Transportation — $200
Assume flights and dining increase 3% — $2187
Total Base Trip — $5731

This is an easy removal as a family budget option, especially to a venue that has obvious contempt for how parents wish to raise their normal children. We’re talking millions monthly of potential losses to Disney just because a very small percentage of the national population believes they can bully the majority into submission over their desire to indoctrinate children behind the backs and/or over the objections of those who raise them.

A sleeping giant is a lot more powerful than a mouse and millions of Americans will take a pass on an abusive “Happiest Place on Earth”.

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