The Easter Bunny Appears to be Joe Biden’s Latest Handler

As if it couldn’t get more pitiful (there is no bottom), Joe Biden’s presidency continues to come up with moments the Monty Python crew would have shelved just because of the implausibility.

At least so they would have thought.

During the Annual White House East Egg Roll, President Biden wandered off to talk to some of those in attendance. When he started answering questions regarding policy, that’s when a handler swooped in to stop Biden from saying something problematic….

The problematic words were quickly replaced by an even more problematic optic. The President of the United States, startled by a big Easter Bunny who waves in his face to stop him from talking. Could that have been a previously agreed upon signal for ol’ Joe to stop, move along, and do you think we’ll even know who in the costume has the power to shut up the president?

Donald Trump must be shaking his head AGAIN.

But think about it: Joe Biden is so loose between the ears he needs to be told what to say, when to say it, and a big bunny rabbit for visual reinforcement.

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