Biden Blames Putin, Republicans and #UltraMAGA(?) for Inflation

When it came to his plan to combat the very inflation that began soon after he assumed the presidency, it was just the rehash of blaming everyone and everything except his policies, again most notably Russian president Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine.

An assertion very few are buying.

It’s true that gas prices have increased far more drastically than the cost of other goods — 18.3 percent since February and 48 percent since March 2021. But, as Brad Polumbo of the Foundation for Economic Education pointed out, “gas prices were rising for almost nine months before the invasion began, and prices overall have been surging since May of 2021.”
The Week, 4/16/22

But the butchery of messaging continued with Biden’s latest address to the nation, including a new label that will undoubtedly be incorporated….

As usual, it didn’t go as planned.

WaPo: Biden’s false claim that ‘congressional Republicans’ want to raise taxes

Nothing much to add seeing how things will only get worse with Biden, supposedly, at the helm. He won’t correct his policies. He’ll just continue to insult the American people who aren’t stupid enough to fall for their callous spin.

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