Mark Robinson: A Consideration for Trump 2024 Running Mate

At some point soon, the conversation will emerge as who Donald Trump’s running mate should be. There will be much media pundit speculation, but let’s not forget what we got last time.

As soon as Trump became the GOP frontrunner in 2016, all the old establishment hacks came out and got injected themselves into the process. We got Reince Priebus, fresh off his demanding a loyalty pledge from Mr. Trump. Look at what that got us. He surrounded  Trump with all of the hacks that had weakened the Republican Party; those who were repeatedly all too ready-and-willing to sell us out to Democrats after we voted to give them power. Some of these people have turned on the president while and after he left office for their own self-serving purposes. With that, President Trump needs to be very careful on whom he lets get that close to the MAGA movement.

Opportunist politicians will cozy up to Trump even though they’d be the first to throw him under the bus when the going gets tough, and we all know it will get tough again. Personally, it behooves Trump to pick a running mate who didn’t smoothly sail into elected office, in fact it should be someone who survived vicious attacks through the process, and we all know how vicious Democrats are to those who escaped the plantation.

He’ll also need someone who won’t suck up to a hostile media.

Someone like North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson.

I understand we’ll probably get some establishment stiff or someone who we’re unsure of when it comes to how he or she will deal with the campaign burn of Democrats and their media. Mark Robinson appears to be an I-don’t-give-a-shit-about-them kind of candidate, and is unapologetic in his loyalty to God and country.

Wouldn’t that kind of running mate be reassuring and maybe after four years, we might finally get a “black president” Americans would be proud of.

(For your health’s sake, lose some weight, Mark.)

BTW — Mark Robinson spoke at the NRA forum just before Donald Trump. These things aren’t done in a random fashion….

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  1. ITNerd

    couple of things:

    1. Thank you for posting this. Until now I was not familiar with Lt Gov Mark Robinson.
    2. You reference him as being from S. Carolina. He is from N. Carolina.
    3. Laura and Bob – Keep up the great work. Hope to meet up with you again soon.


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