Despite Activist Backlash, Ricky Gervais Issues New ‘Rules of Comedy’

Once Netflix pushed back against the woke, especially after the dramatic decline in subscribers, they decided to release a comedy special by Ricky Gervais.

Not all were in positive anticipation.

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Ricky Gervais Netflix Special Draws Fire for Graphic Trans Women Jokes
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The puddle that were once snowflakes are crying out in horror because someone publicly mocked them and an entertainment company shared that mocking with the world.

Let’s not forget, the majority of the woke are the phony-brave, perpetually-aggrieved who gleefully harass and even issue social media-tolerated death threats behind the anonymity and convenient distance of social media, bolstered by the power of hundreds-to-thousands of social media followers whom they’ve never met and will probably never be in the same room with.

Meanwhile those of us, who chose not to change the channel, watched Ricky Gervais; not just because we wanted to hear his jokes but like the Golden Globes Awards, were more entertained by the sanctimonious in his audience who were the targets and their reaction. This is no different and quite entertaining.

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