The Big Liars: The January 6 Democrat, NeverTrumper Primetime Propa-Drama

Joe Biden’s first weeks in office as president was to undo everything Donald Trump achieved because Trump did it. The result is a non-existent southern border, street crime and murder at unprecedented levels, and an economy taking everyone down with it. And what is the priority of the Democrat-controlled federal government? An “insurrection” in which no one was armed.

While the liberal media dutifully obeyed, preempted depressing prime time dramas and unfunny sitcoms to air a hearing meant to distract Americans from the Biden-Democrat disaster while promoting them before this fall’s midterm shellacking, this too appears to have failed.

If tonight’s primetime debut of the House January 6 committee investigating the MAGA-fueled murderous attack on the U.S. Capitol last year was any indication of how the democracy-protecting politicians plan on making their pitch to the American public, they fell short.

The media is in lockstep. They lie with reckless abandon. The only person who died during the “murderous attack” was an unarmed Trump supporter.

Did it help?

How many will be watching after tonight will tell us just how hardened the divisions are in this country. It will also tell us if this first of six committee hearings changed a significant number of votes going forward – because that is the next battlefield.
Deadline, 6/9/22

Well, that certifies what this was all about: votes for Democrats in November, NOT getting to the truth.

Fox News’ decision to forgo coverage on its main network has drawn harsh criticism from lawmakers and media critics. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer took to the Senate floor earlier on Thursday and called Fox News’ decision “cowardly” and one that should “end any debate that they are not a real news organization.”

“Fox News is a propaganda machine of the hard right and it is plain as day that they are scared of their viewers learning the truth about January 6th,” the New York Senator said, arguing that they have “isolated their viewers in an alternate reality of conspiracy theories.”

As stated here before and based on multiple examples, when the left calls sentiments inconvenient to them “conspiracy theories”, more times than not they turn out to be true and those pushing the lies never apologize with the same zeal as their proven-false accusations.

Tucker Carlson, on the one network that declined to join the media conga line, offered rebuttals and examples of January 6 media lies, law enforcement culpability and Democrat misdirection.

Like what’s currently happening to Republican candidates in Michigan, the January 6 Commission’s primary goal is to have Donald Trump disqualified from the 2024 presidential election because Democrats and their media know he’ll probably win again, thanks to the intentional damage inflicted by Biden that’s only going to get much worse before November 5, 2024.

Even one of the most insidious of media liars was forced forced to commit an act of unintentional honesty.

Just a key point, that yes, there was a pro-Trump rally at which the president spoke. And we can absolutely talk about all the things the president said there. But the idea that that rally is the thing that got out of hand and that somehow resulted in the breaching of the capitol – That rally was very far from the capitol and the people who, as you say, did the initial breach, that allowed everybody else to come in, they never even went to that rally.
Rachel Maddow, 6/9/22

And how much of a flop was the primetime hearing? Let’s put it this way: if the majority of Americans were glued to their televisions by this riveting presentation, ALL of the media would be trumpeting the ratings numbers. As of publication, there are no numbers (speculative or official) that show how many found it their patriotic duty to choose one of the many options and watch how we almost lost our democracy on that fateful day.

If this is the best Democrats and NeverTrumpers have to distract from the tumult intentionally unleashed by Biden and his Democrats, the midterms could be worse than even they can imagine and deservedly so.

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