Liberal Las Vegas Reporter Slanders Trump in Murder-by-Democrat Case

The narrative was all but written. All that was needed is a juicy quote.

The killing of Las Vegas Review-Journal investigative reporter Jeff German and the arrest of an elected county official in connection with the death has drawn national attention and renewed concern about attacks on journalists. German, 69, wrote several stories about reports of bullying and a toxic workplace under Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles, who lost a re-election bid in June. The respected journalist was stabbed to death on Friday outside his Las Vegas home. Telles was arrested Wednesday in connection with the crime.
Las Vegas Review-Journal, 9/8/22

Not that it’s of much interest to the national media that’s buried this tragic story, but Telles is a Democrat.

At a press availability, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Joseph Lombardo was asked a blatantly leading question of no relevance to this case, except to a typical liberal so-called journalist.

The twit who asked the Sheriff Lombardo, “Do you condemn former President Trump’s normalization of violence against journalists?” has probably never viewed a Trump rally, listened to any of his press conferences, or read any of his social media messages. The only thing he appropriately normalized was the hashtag #FakeNewsMedia. Donald Trump has never normalized violence against journalists and it’s not a common occurrence.

Trump has correctly pointed out the hundreds of false stories written and/or broadcast about him by news outlets that seldom issues corrections with the same ferocity as the original blazing headlines, if at all. The Constitution has granted First Amendment protection to the press so they can be a government watchdog; not drinking buddies with preferred politicians after hours. Trump reminds Americans that the media has shed all appearance of objectivity and without their objective reporting, if not aiding one political party in favor of another, are the “enemy of the people”. That was a statement of fact, not a call for assassinations.

Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles (D), who lost re-election, was probably really pissed off that his total pay and benefits of $170,517.31 was soon to be cut off. The pending financial pressures were probably enormous and instead of reflecting on how many lives he ruined, how his present situation was solely of his doing and how he should best move forward, Telles decided to take his ultimate frustration out on the journalist whose reporting publicly called him out.

President Trump has never advocated (or normalized) violence against anyone, if fact almost all political violence in the United States is at the hands of activist leftists, excused by their media, condoned by Democrat politicians, and performed by their indoctrinated, unhinged supporters and voters.

This was a case of murder-by-Democrat.

If only someone could have made it about Trump.

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