When Their Asses Are Kicked, Dems Will Be ‘Election Deniers’ Again

It’s been an ongoing pattern for decades. When Democrats win, it was the “Will of the People” and the elections were the “most secure” to date.

It’s Official: The Election Was Secure
2020 election “most secure in history,” security officials say
Officials Say 2020 Election Is Most Secure In History, but Plead for Patience
Repudiating Trump, officials say election ‘most secure’
Trump Fires Chief Who Said 2020 Vote Was ‘Most Secure’ in US History
Yes, Department of Homeland Security declared Nov. 3 election most secure in American history
The 2020 election was the ‘most secure in American history’
2020 election ‘most secure in American history,’ federal election security officials say

However, that narrative had one slight inconvenient flaw….

Clinton Says She Was ‘Right’ About ‘Vast Russia Conspiracy’
Mueller finds no collusion with Russia, leaves obstruction question open

Again: There’s no evidence Hillary Clinton triggered the Russia probe
Hillary Clinton personally approved plan to share Trump-Russia allegation with the press in 2016, campaign manager says
Russian Collusion: It Was Hillary Clinton All Along
FEC fines DNC and Clinton for Trump dossier hoax

But for some reason, when Republicans win, something went horribly wrong.

Clinton: Russian interference ‘certainly had an impact’ on the 2016 election
Here’s What We Know So Far About Russia’s 2016 Meddling
CIA concludes Russia interfered to help Trump win election, say reports
Study finds correlation between Russian social media trolls and 2016 polling
How Russia Helped Swing the Election for Trump

Despite what we all now know what happened in 2016, it’s odd how the Russians made little attempt to interfere with the 2020 election, at least according to our “experts” and media. It’s like Putin wised up and decided Democrats were the best option to run the United States of America. But now that he’s kind of distracted, ignorant Americans are likely to vote against their best interests and elect Republicans in a wave so red, it reflected back on the moon on election day.

Whether it’s “voter disenfranchisement” or the “Russians”, there’s always some nefarious reason (aside from Democrats and their policies being loathed by the public) why they lost. What was just declared the “most secure election” system in history two short years ago, has quickly gone south as Democrats are expected to be sharply backhanded and Republicans tend to vote in-person on election day.

20% of Maricopa County (AZ) polling locations reporting voting issues
Voting problems reported in Luzerne County (PA)
Mercer has countywide vote tabulator glitch, but voting by machine continues (NJ)
Philadelphia says it will delay counting thousands of paper ballots
Voting problems in Madison County (MS)
‘Poll book’ problems reported in Chesterfield, Richmond (VA)
Louisiana’s election website working again after tech problems, Sec. of State says
50 voters at Berclair church given wrong ballot, investigation reveals (TN)

Despite labeling Republicans “election deniers” when Democrats win, that’s precisely what liberals and RINOs become when they lose.

Democrats Are Election-Denying ‘Extremists’. Let Us Count The Ways….

Seeing how the left and their media are the projection extraordinaire, the 2022 midterm election will be no different. They won’t even wait for the election results to be counted and made official before casting doubt on a process where Democrats will be beaten repeatedly with a splintered stick.

2022 Midterm Election Cybersecurity: Are We Ready?
6 election security threats to watch for on Election Day
Security upgrades prepare Illinois election infrastructure for the midterms
Idaho’s Elections Operations Center ensuring 2022 election is safe and secure
Officials in key Arizona county combat misinformation, election security fears a day before midterms
Idaho’s Elections Operations Center ensuring 2022 election is safe and secure

There’s also talk about possible “violence” if the election outcomes aren’t accepted.

Election officials in prepared for any violence or threats at North Carolina polling sites
Some polling places increase security for election workers in anticipation of midterms
Social Media and the 2022 Midterm Elections: Anticipating Online Threats to Democratic Legitimacy
Panic buttons in Boone County, IL among new security measures to keep IL election workers safe
Officials brace for unprecedented efforts to disrupt 2022 vote

Now, one could argue the best way to ensure calm during the counting process would be allowing the maximum amount of transparency. Equal numbers of observers be allowed to participate and no attempts to obscure the vision of those monitoring the process. That kind of thing.

Despite the best efforts of the partisan media to portray Republicans as “insurrectionists”, there was not ONE video ever presented to the public that shows conservative activists and federal employees planning to physically overthrow the government should their side lose the 2020 presidential election.

But there WAS such coup-planning on the left and anyone who was in boarded-up Washington D.C. on November 3rd knew that the nation was not bracing what would happen if Joe Biden won, but what the Democrat left would do (based on their summer activities) to the nation if Donald Trump was reelected….

So, sit back and enjoy your chosen election coverage. The numbers coming in will be the only thing unpredictable. The vitriol spewed by an arrogant media and political class towards a general public that would not obey is expected. Some will be so over the top, it will be near comical.

But the same Democrats who’ve demonized millions who dared defy them and still have doubts about the legitimacy of their brain-damaged president, will be stoking the flames of “election denial” until enough votes are “found” to mitigate some of the damage.

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