#ShutdownHypocrisy: NO Freebies for Americans After Obamacare Killed Jobs

Thanks to the government shutdown, we’re seeing story after #ShutdownStories about poor federal government employees who are going to have trouble paying their mortgages, put food on their tables, meet their car payments, etc. The sympathy has extended to businesses offering free goods and services to ease the pain these public servants are now enduring because President Trump wants a wall to protect Americans from illegal aliens and Democrats do not.

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#Shutdown: We’re Now Supposed to Sympathize with Fed Employee Gluttons

If anything, the present drama illustrates the glaring difference between two Americas: one where we all live by the rules of capitalism and the other where those rules don’t apply and those within it feel entitled to what most of us can’t even imagine.

And guess which America the media and punditry sympathizes with?

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Shutdown: WHY Are We Paying ‘Non Essential Government Employees’?

Think about any business you frequent: a coffee shop, supermarket, etc. Do business owners employ people they really don’t need to keep the company running? Probably not but for the most part, when it comes to this looming “government shutdown”, we’re dealing with people whose absence really won’t do much to bring the nation to a grinding halt.

The following is the percentage, by “agency”, of federal employees deemed “non essential” during the last “government shutdown” in 2013.

Shutting down the government is a very serious thing. People die, accidents happen. You don’t know. Necessary functions can cease.
Senator Dianne Feinstein, 1/18/18

If you listen to Democrats, the children of illegal aliens are worth inconveniencing the American people and federal employees over, and while some very good people are included within the “non essential” ranks, we also know there are many who are just doing their “20” so they can get the taxpayer-funded pension and customer service is an inconvenience; some of the spending decisions by some of these “non essential” is a scandalous misuse of taxpayer money and to be frank, many wouldn’t be missed.

Do we REALLY need "non essential government employees"?

  • No (95%, 76 Votes)
  • Yes (5%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 80

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And while the media shares sincere concern and laments of the poor, devoted, federal employees who won’t have that holiday dinner or can’t buy presents or meet their financial obligations because of a merciless Republicans, let’s not forget what some of these entitled truly think about the American people who they’re supposedly dutifully serving.

If there is a shutdown, most of us won’t feel it at all and when the employees all go back to “work”, most will get paid and many for hours not worked. So much for the media drama and partisan, political hysterics.

One accountant for the Department of Education, who declined to provide his name, said he was deemed nonessential and that’s the way he likes it.

“I prefer to be nonessential. It’s what I’ve always been,” he said. “That’s the typical government worker answer.”
Washington Times, 9/29/13

Business as usual.

Any Concession On ObamaCare Defunding Insures A GOP Midterm Housecleaning

paul_ryan_eric_cantor_kevin_mccarthy_john_boehner_ap_605It’s unfortunate that the estimate 800 thousand-plus federal workers are being negatively impacted by the government shutdown, but removing the president’s “signature achievement” is an imperative for the 300 million-plus who’ve been negatively impacted long before federal offices caught up and felt the pain.

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