The ‘Foreign Agents Registration Act’ Only Applies to Democrat Enemies

Call it yet the latest example of the taxpayer-funded steamroller, called our Just Us Department: a steamroller that can ruin lives during investigations that increase federal prosecutor profiles on their way up the chain. We’re witnessing in real time an underbelly of our government that would’ve been sight unseen had Hillary Clinton won the presidency: the push to enforce the unregistered foreign agent law that many well-connected are even bothered with.

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The Black & Blonde Media Skim

A reoccuring narrative is an arrogant media who have near-total disregard for the health and welfare of the general public, especially those between them and a juicy story, no matter the ramifications to those they affect.

When the verdict of the Paul Manafort trial was looming, several news outlets including CNN, Washington Post, BuzzFeed, POLITICO, New York Times, NBC Universal, and the Associated Press sued to get the names and contact information of the jury members for traditional exploitation, totally disregarding the potential for harassment in the lives of those not willing to communicate with them.

Yeah, that’s how journalists operate. They claim they’re “reporting news,” but they’re really passing on orders to kill. It’s easy to understand why conservatives think this way. They themselves admit that right-wing media outlets don’t do a lot of reporting, and most are simply content to chest-pound on behalf of Donald Trump. So would they even recognize what journalism is?
The Village Voice, 8/20/18

For those who don’t have the proper frame of reference memory offers, here’s a reminder of when the names and contact information of journalists who disseminated the names and addresses of private citizens whined when the same was done to them.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve tried to warn campaigns when the uninspired, self-servers infiltrate and gain influential positions within political campaigns. Very little good happens, many previously-victorious candidates have been defeated and some of the missteps were a clear result of a lack of homework being done.

For example, Showtime’s Sacha Baron Cohen has been allowed to gain access to prominent Republicans to which we ask again, who’s running these campaigns, are miserably derelict in the simple art of vetting and making us all look like fucking idiots?

Despite the whining from people like John Brennan, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and others that there’s no monetary rewards for having secret security clearances, almost everyone in the DC area knows having one unlocks the door to high-paying jobs. It IS one of those dirty secrets the privileged want withheld from the American people because of the near-obscene compensation involved.

A security clearance reportedly yields a salary of up to 15 percent higher compared to the salaries of individuals without clearances for the same position.

Like John Brennan at MSNBC, James Clapper cashed in on his security clearance and now provides insights as a high-paid analyst for another major media outlet. Clapper had previously raked in over $200,000 in just six months advising defense contractors such as Booz Allen Hamilton. We know James Comey’s net worth in 2003 was $206,000, which skyrocketed when he raked in well over $10 million in the private sector before he returned to lead the FBI in 2013. Comey bagged $6.1 million in a single year at Lockheed Martin.
New York Post, 8/22/18

Should you publicly call them out on their clearance-aided means to financial gain, it drives some batshit crazy.

Shortly after that very public interaction on CNN, a message was clearly sent.

A conservative commentator who was lauded by President Trump this week as “wonderful” and who has argued that past sexual indiscretions should have no bearing on Trump’s presidency was fired from Arizona State University four years ago for making sexually explicit comments and gestures toward women, according to documents and a university official.
Washington Post, 8/22/18

Someone did some digging in an attempt to discredit someone who’s public acknowledgments were a threat to those who use their clearances for personal gain and we now know what happens to those who threaten their bank accounts.

Moving right along, the quality of journalism has deteriorated significantly in the last decade and it’s reflected almost daily.

Almost to the point of parody… but it’s not.

Despite narratives we’re being almost-constantly issued by Democrats and their media, you know things are starting to fall apart and maybe even circling back when Clinton fixer Lanny Davis reappears to do what he did best: spin.

Falling apart when even a live television audience doesn’t buy it.

Hollywood has always been known for those who pontificate to Americans about what they deem inappropriate behavior while knowing full well they do it as well.

Female sexual predators have been known to exist for decades, including teachers who prey on their much younger students, not to mention those who use their power of influence… just like men.

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#FISAAbuseMemo: ‘Security Risk’ or DOJ/FBI/Dem Elite Comeuppance?

Let’s preface this by stating the obvious. Hillary Clinton was supposed to become President of the United States, appoint friendlies, and NONE of what we’ll soon be finding out was to have seen the light of day. What’s screwed all of this up was the election of Donald J. Trump and that became the impetus for what we now know as the #DeepState #resistance.

Not as much as opposition to Trump but the threat he represented because Democrats no longer were in control of concealing possible illegal activity by her supporters embedded in the federal government. We may find the “Russian collusion” accusation was nothing but a desperation hail-Mary to damage President Trump and keep possible illegal activity from the public forever.

On the eve of the release of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court “memo” on possible abuses against the Trump campaign, we’ve been told repeated by Democrats, their media, and high-ranking law enforcement officials that elements contained therein could be “damaging to national security” if revealed to the general public.

Not all agree.

President Trump plans to allow the release of a controversial memo detailing alleged surveillance abuses at the FBI, according to a senior administration official. The official said Trump will inform Congress of his decision “probably tomorrow,” adding the president did not have any national security objections to releasing it and would likely not request that any material be redacted.
The Hill, 2/1/18

We’ve all read about the mental gymnastics the Democrats are performing to keep this memorandum from public scrutiny, not to mention the objections from high-ranking FBI and DOJ officials. But if the president doesn’t deem its contents potentially damaging to national security, just who’s security could at risk when the public gets an opportunity to digest four pages?

The Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation has enormous power over we mere private citizens. They can decide to investigate us whenever they deem they have “probable cause”, and subsequently force any citizen to have to spend up to hundreds of dollars to keep ourselves out of prison. They can bash in doors, confiscate our personal property, potentially ruin anyone’s professional reputation, and force you to plea to a lesser charge should they really be after a bigger fish.

The problem now is some of these law enforcement elites are not ready to face the same music gleefully inflicted on the public. Many live in very nice homes in very nice neighborhoods (in and around the Washington, D.C. area), drive very nice personal cars, send their children to exclusive private schools and elite colleges, and are comfortable knowing they can rely on a generous pension when they decide to retire from public service and leapfrog into a safe think tank or university gig.

All of this could be at risk for some of these federal government lifers and to them, THAT is the “security risk”: THEIR personal security and freedom.

More than a thousand applications for electronic surveillance, all signed by the attorney general, are submitted each year, and the vast majority are approved.
ABC News, 3/4/17

Certain passports need be collected very soon.

We may just find out that officials and employees at the DOJ, FBI, the FISA Court, and maybe even Obama administration employees may have knowingly been engaged in very illegal activity to rig a presidential election, remove a duly-elected president (by any means necessary), and could be cornered into pleaing for lesser punishment to rat out the fat-and-happies much higher up.

How high? It could be in the memo, that’s why this could indeed be a “security risk” and that’s why for some people, it’s a really big deal.

2/2/18 UPDATE: The Memo….

2/3/18 UPDATE:
Nunes memo exposes abuse of power
Democrats melt down over Nunes memo and enter the Upside Down
Rep. Nunes: ‘Clear Evidence’ of Russia Collusion… by the Clinton Campaign and DNC
New Texts Show FBI Agents Discussed Ways To Avoid Federal Records Regulations
Alan Dershowitz: The Nunes FISA memo deserves more investigation. Time for a nonpartisan commission
Isikoff Stunned That His Carter Page Article Was Used To Justify Spy Warrant
Comey Unhinged — for Good Reason

The court that approved surveillance of a former campaign adviser to President Trump was aware that some of the information underpinning the warrant request was paid for by a political entity, although the application did not specifically name the Democratic National Committee or the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, according to two U.S. officials familiar with the matter.
Washington Post, 2/2/18

And whaddaya know, the FISA court judge in question was an Obama appointee. Surprise, surprise….

Judge Rudolph Contreras was responsible for issuing the FISA Warrant to wiretap former Trump Campaign Foreign Policy Adviser Carter Page, according to two sources familiar with the material that underlies the Memo published by the House Intelligence Committee on Friday.

Contreres was appointed to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) by Barack Obama in the midst of the 2016 election, being sworn-in on May 19, 2016. Judge Contreras also oversaw the case in which Michael Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI. On December 7th Judge Contreras recused himself from the Michael Fynn Case.
Offended America, 2/3/18

The plot thickens.

Russian Collusion: Not About Trump ‘Dossier’ but Payoffs to the Clintons

The big news, coming from the Washington Post is all about that debunked Russian “dossier” and who paid for its production!

The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) helped fund research that resulted in a now-famous dossier containing allegations about Donald Trump’s connections to Russia and possible coordination between his campaign and the Kremlin, people familiar with the matter said.
Washington Post, 10/24/17

Now that they’ve got everyone looking over there, look what also broke last night that the stellar journalists in and around D.C. are NOT going to get around to.

Let’s start with that $145 million finding it’s way from Russia into the Clinton Foundation….

There’s that common sense belief that when you’re dealing with liars, wherever they point, look at whomever is doing the pointing.

Fox News: Fusion GPS fallout: DNC, Clinton, FBI take heat after bombshell that Dems funded Trump dossier
The Hill: New York Times reporters blast Dems over Trump dossier funding claims
CNN: Clinton campaign, DNC helped fund dossier research
Daily Mail: A YEAR of Clinton lies about the ‘golden showers’ dossier exposed as Hillary’s lawyer is under fire for falsely denying paying for it

If the Russians (according to Hillary, her media, and her sheeple base repeating “Russian collusion”) wanted Trump to win, why would they provide a bogus document (given faux respectability by calling it a “dossier”) to Democrats designed to take out Trump?

If the media tells you the Mueller investigation is focusing in on the Trump campaign and collusion with the Russians, look at what’s always been the Achilles heel of Bill and Hillary Clinton: big money, whomever will give it to them, and you’ll see who was really colluding with who and for a hefty price.

Philip Mudd Joke: CNN’s On-Air ‘Kill This Guy’ Trump Death Wish Continues

As usual we must preface this (again) by asking you to imagine the outrage, if not quick dismissal from employment, had anyone at CNN or any other media company implied the possible killing of former President Barack Obama. It would all be about anti-Americanism, racism, whatever could be thrown at the person implying the impossible. Yet, when involving President Donald J. Trump, anything is on the table.

And this is NOT the first time CNN has pondered a world without President Trump, that time on The Situation Room.

The president’s comment about “cutting the payroll” was very important.

CNN “counterterrorism analyst” Philip Mudd was also a former Robert Mueller-appointee as the FBI’s National Security Branch’s first-ever deputy director. He would know all about what the Deep State wants and despite the assurances that all of those in the federal government are “patriots” who love their country, it’s clear so-called “Deep State” career employees are also more concerned with their personal ideological preference which would have maintained their generous, “entitled’ incomes and perks that come with them.

If one were to drive around the geographical areas surrounding Washington, D.C., the glaring difference in economic development and standard of living would be something 95% of municipalities around the nation could only dream of. The median incomes of those in the federal government far surpass that of those in the private sector and then-candidate Trump’s threat to “drain the swamp” was a direct shot across the bow of government workers and establishment leeches taken very seriously.

As mentioned in many previous posts, the federal government is probably one of the only entities in the United States that publicly acknowledges they have “non-essential” workers, which as of 2013 was estimated to be close to 20%. When Mudd was “joking” that the Deep State wants to “kill this guy”, in reference to the president”, it’s because they wanted Hillary Clinton as president because she would keep the employees fat and happy.

Jeffery Lord was fired from CNN for social media activity he engaged in off air, Tweets that were also (to use Jake Tapper’s explanation to Mudd) a “metaphor” yet CNN employees can joke and produce actual insensitive segments on the death of an incoming Republican president and it’s just business as usual. Whether we’re talking a comedian or a play, the painful death of President Trump is clearly a wet dream weighing heavy on the minds of the left, not just because of his politics, but the fact their livelihoods depend on taxpayer money rolling in unfettered.

It was very nice of CNN host Jake Tapper to accept Mudd’s assurance that he didn’t really mean that the “government” wanted to kill the president; an assurance that neither Tapper nor anyone else in the media would accept without a few pounds of flesh had it not been directed at President Trump.

Natalia Veselnitskaya’s DOJ-DC Connection BEFORE Donald Trump Jr.

As we’re being inundated with the latest excuse to keep the Trump campaign/Russian collusion-reason-why-Hillary-lost narrative being constantly repeated on almost all available media, one has to wonder as to the extent of the pre-planning that had to go into this, especially after the latest nuance with this Russian lawyer being held until after we all thought this had finally run out of gas.

The Russian lawyer who penetrated Donald Trump’s inner circle was initially cleared into the United States by the Justice Department under “extraordinary circumstances” before she embarked on a lobbying campaign last year that ensnared the president’s eldest son, members of Congress, journalists and State Department officials, according to court and Justice Department documents and interviews.

This revelation means it was the Obama Justice Department that enabled the newest and most intriguing figure in the Russia-Trump investigation to enter the country without a visa.

Just five days after meeting in June 2016 at Trump Tower with Trump Jr., Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and then-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, Moscow attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya showed up in Washington in the front row of a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Russia policy, video footage of the hearing shows.

The Moscow lawyer had been turned down for a visa to enter the U.S. lawfully but then was granted special immigration parole by then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch….
The Hill, 7/12/17

It would’ve taken an enormous amount of foresight to now yank this out of nowhere. Foresight that really should have been utilized to further Hillary’s arrogant campaign, but that’s for her paid help to absorb.

Questions media like CNN and MSNBC won’t ask is who knew about Natalia Veselnitskaya’s meetings with Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner all this time but never brought it up in any of the hearings or leaks until now? Whose idea was it to extend Veselnitskaya’s visa at the Justice Department and why? Why is the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing from June 14, 2016 NOT posted on CSPAN’s website? Why are we NOT hearing about Ms. Veselnitskaya’s activities with “members of Congress, journalists and State Department officials”?

The coincidental coordination is truly impressive however the finger pointing, when it comes to “collusion”, is now pointing more at the Obama administration than any rookie mistakes Donald Trump may have committed. We’re told Veselnitskaya lured in Trump Jr. with damaging information about Hillary that she really didn’t have but that’s all it took to give the anti-Trump media all they needed to fill up their flaccid time slots.

And what else don’t we know  that Obama holdovers in the Department of Justice are holding onto for future use to drag this “Russian collusion” thing on as long as they can?