Philip Mudd Joke: CNN’s On-Air ‘Kill This Guy’ Trump Death Wish Continues

As usual we must preface this (again) by asking you to imagine the outrage, if not quick dismissal from employment, had anyone at CNN or any other media company implied the possible killing of former President Barack Obama. It would all be about anti-Americanism, racism, whatever could be thrown at the person implying the impossible. Yet, when involving President Donald J. Trump, anything is on the table.

And this is NOT the first time CNN has pondered a world without President Trump, that time on The Situation Room.

The president’s comment about “cutting the payroll” was very important.

CNN “counterterrorism analyst” Philip Mudd was also a former Robert Mueller-appointee as the FBI’s National Security Branch’s first-ever deputy director. He would know all about what the Deep State wants and despite the assurances that all of those in the federal government are “patriots” who love their country, it’s clear so-called “Deep State” career employees are also more concerned with their personal ideological preference which would have maintained their generous, “entitled’ incomes and perks that come with them.

If one were to drive around the geographical areas surrounding Washington, D.C., the glaring difference in economic development and standard of living would be something 95% of municipalities around the nation could only dream of. The median incomes of those in the federal government far surpass that of those in the private sector and then-candidate Trump’s threat to “drain the swamp” was a direct shot across the bow of government workers and establishment leeches taken very seriously.

As mentioned in many previous posts, the federal government is probably one of the only entities in the United States that publicly acknowledges they have “non-essential” workers, which as of 2013 was estimated to be close to 20%. When Mudd was “joking” that the Deep State wants to “kill this guy”, in reference to the president”, it’s because they wanted Hillary Clinton as president because she would keep the employees fat and happy.

Jeffery Lord was fired from CNN for social media activity he engaged in off air, Tweets that were also (to use Jake Tapper’s explanation to Mudd) a “metaphor” yet CNN employees can joke and produce actual insensitive segments on the death of an incoming Republican president and it’s just business as usual. Whether we’re talking a comedian or a play, the painful death of President Trump is clearly a wet dream weighing heavy on the minds of the left, not just because of his politics, but the fact their livelihoods depend on taxpayer money rolling in unfettered.

It was very nice of CNN host Jake Tapper to accept Mudd’s assurance that he didn’t really mean that the “government” wanted to kill the president; an assurance that neither Tapper nor anyone else in the media would accept without a few pounds of flesh had it not been directed at President Trump.

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