Conway was NOT the 1st Woman to ‘Run’ a Winning Presidential Campaign

There was a time Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Mark Levin and the so-called “principled conservative” leadership would not say anything nice about Donald Trump. Ken Cuccinelli coordinated a national effort to steal his delegates. Matt Schlapp wouldn’t let him speak at CPAC. Jenny Beth Martin said he didn’t love the Tea Party. Dana Loesch, Brent Bozell and Katie Pavlich excoriated him on Fox News.

But once Donald Trump was elected president, they’re the first to tell us why WE must support him.

Kellyanne Conway is one who made it into the White House.

For those looking for an in with Trump, White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway is a good bet. The first woman to run a winning presidential campaign, she has proved herself a convincing voice in the President’s ear. Although Conway has become a less frequent presence on cable news, she remains a tireless defender of the administration, never shying away from a fight.
Fortune, 9/24/19

It wasn’t always that way….

During the primaries, Conway had helped run Keep the Promise, a Ted Cruz super pac, and that Trump had criticized Cruz’s wife’s appearance. “And yet Conway still goes to work for that man?”
The New Yorker, 10/17/16

Kellyanne Conway was often quite critical of candidate Trump, especially when she could continue to raise personal facetime exposure on #FakeNews television.

One other important note: Kellyanne Conway is NOT the first woman to “run” a presidential campaign. She was essentially the late closer.

Without Corey Lewandowski’s leadership out of the box, who knows? Conway wasn’t the starter or middle relief. She inherited a gift: a brilliant candidate who took all the incoming flak from the Democrats and their media, literally did all the legwork and getting the enthusiasm needed was nothing that required the coordination of a campaign manager.

Conway is another of those whose convictions can be bought as long as there’s a professional and monetary benefit. It could be argued that the sentiments of her husband George today were pretty close to hers, that is until she could jump ship to the frontrunner and eventual winner.

Had Donald Trump lost the 2016 election, do you really think Kellyanne Conway would accept blame for the loss or would she pin it on the candidate and those who ran the campaign before her?

Then again, we are talking about those whose principles can be bought so having it both ways comes with the territory.

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