White Dem Women Call Out Racism While Always Exempting Themselves

It must be nice to feel so morally and intellectually superior that you can accuse so many people you don’t know of something while exempting yourself of the same thing from a position of self-imposed superiority. Let’s get this out of the way from the onset: this is AGAIN about sore-loser Hillary Clinton supporters’ continuing […]

Celtics’ Jaylen Brown: The Latest America/Trump Basher Overseas

The liberal writer for the UK’s Guardian condescendingly gushes over Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown. Jaylen Brown is one the most intelligent and interesting young athletes I’ve met in years and it seems fitting that, midway through our interview in Boston, he should retell a parable that brings together Martin Luther King and the great […]

Guardian Narcissist Ben Jacobs’ Pathetic Michelle Fields-Style Fail

As someone who actually managed a video news department, I would have had some very harsh things to say to Ben Jacobs had he worked for me, but we’ll get to that later. In an apparent last-minute attempt to throw the Montana special congressional election to the Democrat, we have a former Democrat operative-turned “reporter” […]

Jessica Valenti: Quote of the Day

It wasn’t Jackie’s job to get the details of her rape correct. It was Rolling Stone’s So, let me get this straight…. A woman can apparently manufacture a story about being gang-raped and it’s up to a sympathetic group of reporters and editors to make sure the story is legit. No accountability on the woman […]